January 11, 2017

This Young Passionate DC Absolutely NAILS His TedX Talk on Innate Intelligence

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management, Sermons

Dr. YOU: Understanding Your Very Own Superpower

Is it any wonder we have him as part of the ChiroSushi gang?

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Did you know your body is incredible? No, like REALLY incredible? It is actually innately designed to self-heal and self-regulate. That’s right, you have your very own superpower! You have the amazing ability to keep yourself healthy. It’s called Innate Intelligence, and it’s the power that coordinates and repairs your body, without you ever having to think about it. Few people realize the importance of the nervous system in this process. Controlling your body from above-down, inside to out, your nervous system not only moves you through our world, but protects you from it as well. While this amazing power takes care of you, chiropractic takes care of it. By detecting and correcting interference to your nervous system, chiropractors help you bring out your inner super hero! – Dr. Ryan Bones

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