May 5, 2016

Watch this freaking Miracle! Young man cries after the Chiropractor…

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

Chiropractic is just a beautiful thing!

Alex had a head trauma 6 months ago that put him in the hospital and took away his ability to TASTE anything

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  1. Garth Aamodt DC May 15, 2016

    @13 min you “I’ve been told not to guide you in how you feel, all my youtube people, so they’ve told me not to bait you. So I’m going to let you tell us exactly how you feel right now.” But by this point you’ve already built his response like a televangelist. All along the way to this magic moment, for which you clearly built an assurance of instant cure. Of a cranial innervation, in the brain, that has NOTHING to do with any structure of the neck–which you admit in passing–and then assure the audience that they can ignore that fact because THAT is just how good you really are! You got chutzpah. I’ll give you that! @ minute 14:07 you confirm his confirmation bias by telling him because he feels different you can’t wait to see how his taste is affected. This is all lost on him because you much earlier admit that gustatory taste is a cranial nerve and doesn’t even pass through the neck. But now that you’ve established with him that he SHOULD connect ANYTHING with taste, you then run and get his drink like a televangelist pulling out the crutches. SOOOO manipulative! Shameful. You clearly know what you’re doing because you say at 14:17 “I CAN’T WAIT!”, and then you focus him when his first taste is unimpressive; “Now, he’s looking to please me right now. He wants to please the camera, I get it but I want you to really be honest! If you don’t feel anything…I don’t even want you to sugar coat it. I already know it’s gonna get better. But if you don’t feel it don’t tell me.” All this does is confirm that an HONEST person will of course feel something. You’ve given a reverse psychology message that the “normal” and “expected” response would be to be feel something. On camera he’s already remonstrating as you’re speaking and it’s clear he has not pleased you as much as he sees you expect. The more you tell him to ACTUALLY tell you ONLY if he agrees with you, the more he does. What a psychology 101 scam. An unconfirmed cranial sensation, of either taste receptors or brain processing, at best, you cured with a neck adjustment that affects neither the taste receptors NOR the brain processing. What a crock. Manipulation was not just of his neck. You manipulated his naivite even better than his neck! Tent miracles happen every revival just like this. What a crock. Nonsense. You played him like a child. Which of course, he is. The total lack of science in your nonsense makes me, a 30+ year chiropractor wince in embarrassment. It is a bit ironic that you REALLY display this malarky by having the patient literally “drink-the-kool-aid”. You may have drunk it too, but it’s still nonsense and you should give back your “junior-televangelist” decoder ring on this one! Oh, and the whole this is without any controls or measurements of any kind, so since it begins with subjective nonsense, I shouldn’t be surprised it ends with placebo and subjective confirmation bias too. Sad. Be a great demo in a psychology class though!