February 12, 2016

YOU GOTTA BE YOU (And You Gotta Love You)

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

This blog is based on a true story….my story.  It is my desire you will see the points, the message it presents through the humor of my true life experience.

Dr. Jim Parker, in his seminars, used to say “we see things are we are, not necessarily as they are.”  The power of this statement can be used in so many examples of your daily living, your daily experience.

Fifty or so years ago, when I was just in practice it appeared to me all of the very “successful” Chiropractor had a full head of hair.  I was pretty much bald.  In my naive, irrational thinking I concluded my lack of success was due to a lack of hair. 

While attending a Parker seminar in Dallas, early 70’s, I sent to a large department store down the street from where the seminar was being held at the Fairmont Hotel.  There, in the men’s department, I found a wig.  The sales person put it on, styled it and wow….I couldn’t believe how “successful” I looked.

Now, for those who have never worn a hair piece there are a couple of things to know.  First most are held on with a special type of tape.  Once the toupee is on….it is there to stay.  The tape sticks so well you have to hold your eyebrows when taking it off fearing the eyebrows come off as well….unless the tape gets sweaty!

Those who know me know I enjoyed going to the after seminar dances.  I have always enjoyed dancing, all kinds of dancing.  That particular Saturday evening found me on the dance floor have a great time.  As I recall it was a rather fast dance.  Before long it became obvious folks standing around were watching me.  They were watching ME.  In fact they were pointing at ME and smiling.  It’s true….having a full head of hair DOES predicate success!!

After the dance I had to visit the men’s room.  As I was washing my hands I did what all guys do (you know I know)….I took a quick look in the mirror to see how good I looked.  Did my hair need to be combed, was my tie straight, etc.?  Just sorta “sneaking a peak.” 

Low and behold not only was the part in my hair piece not going from front to back, the entire toupee had slipped to the point it was sitting cockeyed with the part going side to side.   During that last dance my head had begun to sweat, the tape let loose.  Not only did I not appear to be the handsome devil I knew the toupee had made me…..I looked like one of the three stooges!

Right then and there I took that damned toupee off my head, threw it on the floor and stomped on it.  I took stock of myself, thought….think I even stated aloud….God made you bald, that’s the way you are and you had better learn to love yourself just as you are!

The moral of this story is you are you.  You are pretty special.  When you were made the mold was broken.  There will never be another you.  Learn to accept yourself for who you are, where you are knowing it is impossible to love anyone until you learn to love yourself.

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