February 17, 2016

Ya Can’t Afford to Stub Your Toe

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

Believe it or not there was a time when Chiropractic students had no access what-so-ever to student loans.  Making it through Chiropractic college was dependent on a student having parents in a position to pick up the tab or they worked.  To many it was a combination of both.  If the student happened to be married it required both to work just to make ends meet.  Of course tuition nor living expenses were what they are in this day and time.

Upon graduation they had no student loan debt but were broke just the same.  Entering practice didn’t require the capital it does today.  Associateships were pretty much unheard of so if one was to practice it required opening their own office….starting from scratch.

In “the old days” a new doctor could afford to make some mistakes.  In fact they could make some very big mistakes.  If they did it was possible to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and get back in the game.  My how the times they have changed.

In today’s world the majority of Chiropractic students have student loans.  Most have used such loans not only for college tuition and books…they are used for living expenses.  While in school very few give much thought to having to pay those loans back or what it will take to do so.  It’s no uncommon for repayment to be expected before the graduate has opened his/her clinic or even obtained a license to practice.

The cost associated with entering practice has escalated over the years.  Obtaining a loan to enter practice has become increasingly difficult.  Getting started can be overwhelming to the point of exasperation and total frustration.  Not only can many of the new doctors not fall down, get back up, dust themselves off and “keep on truckin”…they can’t even afford one little miscue…can’t afford to stub their toe.

ChiroSushi has been developed to address these issues.  All successful Chiropractors will admit there are time tested and proven practice management principles as applicable today as they have been since the term “practice management” was coined.  ChiroSushi is dedicated and committed to sharing these principles to anyone who desires them at an affordable fee.  In addition the team teachers of ChiroSushi seminars are approachable and eager to help anyone, anywhere, anytime. 

Not only will you not stub your toe, with ChiroSushi you shall have access to some of the greatest, most experienced minds and leaders in the Chiropractic profession.

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