February 12, 2017

Will This ChiroSushi Presenter and His Book Stand The Test of Time?

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Hey we know when to “book” a #prettybigdeal for the Chiropractic Entrepreneur Seminar of 2017

Recently ChiroEco.com ran an article 6 chiropractic books that stand the test of time and we were excited to see ChiroSushi Summit presenter, Dr. Liam Schübel included on the list!

They said:

Cast to Be Chiropractors by Liam Schübel and Judd Nogrady

“Published in 2012, Cast to Be Chiropractors “has the ability to remind chiropractors that they are in a fantastic profession and why they got into chiropractic in the first place,” says White. “Over time, chiropractors could get distracted in what chiropractic is and, as a result, they end up working in a confused and mixed way,” he adds. “This book will bring back that passion for chiropractic and motivate chiropractors to get back into their office and begin helping more and more people in the way that chiropractic can.”

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