January 11, 2019

Why You Should Friend Patients On Facebook

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

“You have also become a trusted adviser and a friend. And you should think of your clients as dear, valued friends.” 
― Jay Abraham,  – Come Workshop With Jay for 3 Hours In Miami

Back in 2010 I sat on phone in our Mission street offices in San Francisco at 12 am EST with a very prominent Manhattan plastic surgeon who I had just sold our software to.

She asked me a question masked with her decision.

“I don’t want my patients to see things, do I have to ‘friend’ my patients on Facebook?”

Let me say this.

In 2010, our startup was still figuring out Social Media and it’s role in healthcare, patient acquisition and communication.

But we didn’t know everything.

“No. Absolutely not. That’s what having a Facebook page is for!” I shot back.

Boy was I wrong!

Why we were wrong

Let’s first break down from a marketing perspective our pillars.

  • Branding
  • List Building
  • Conversions
  • Retention

The most important pillar is retention.

So how does “Friending” your patients on Facebook help with retention?


Now you would think because it’s really awkward to stop visiting your Chiropractor you are friends with on Facebook right?

That might be true.

But really it comes down to the one thing clients and patients care about right after results.


Connecting with your patients on Facebook allows you to show moments of appreciation easily and without typically spending a dime.

From birthday wishes to well placed comments on their life milestones you can efficiently let your valued patients know you care about them.

By sharing a patient’s good news, such as a birth announcement, a new job, or purchasing a new home, a patient may feel closer to you, leading to...


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