November 17, 2016

Why This Uber-Successful Chiropractor Still Has the Thirst for Knowledge and Desire to Learn

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I have always admired his compassionate and highly evolved gentle spirit. He has the soul of a healer. 


Watertown is not an extremely large or wealthy town in Upstate New York. However, Larry he and his amazing wife, Dr. Becky Keshmiri, have created and managed the multi-doctor Northern Lights Chiropractic Center, and it is one of the highest volume and most financially successful practices in New York State. 

It is interesting to note that the real root meaning of the word Doctor, has absolutely nothing to do with prescribing drugs, filling teeth or giving an adjustment. The meaning of Doctor is “teacher”. 

Remember, “your clients don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

We asked Dr. Larry to Share some of his thoughts about his over 30 years of practice, with our warriors at ChiroSushi. Here’s Dr. Larry’s take on doctoring 10s of thousands of practice members very successfully.

Consider his comments and please answer for yourself the questions he asks of us.


Even after 30 years of active practice in Upstate New York State I am still seeking the edge or means that brings me closer to creating a better connection and bond with my practice members.



For me there is nothing as rewarding and life affirming than seeing people grow, transform and change.

To influence someone’s life for the better is the greatest service I know.

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One day I decided to review all the teachers I had through my first 12 years of school, including my sports coaches. I was curious which ones had the greatest influence in my life, helping me grow beyond my comfort zone or seeing beyond my present state of awareness.

Those teachers that were just doing their job, delivering the agenda did not make the list. Those that were trying to gain my approval or keep me happy did not make the list.

The ones that made the list had a direct influence on my life. They had a purpose, a reason, an outcome, a target beyond their job and themselves. First off, when I think of these special people, though I have not seen them for decades, I still have very fond feelings, memories, and appreciation for them. I feel like doing more and being more when I think of them.

Mr. Collins, my 8th-grade teacher, was a relaxed easy going man who loved to teach with a pointer. He would lean back in his desk chair and teach away. Open and available, tolerant to the point one would interrupt the class. At the age of 13 having fun during the day was a big part of our life, particularly when my best friend was in the class. There reached the point where he called us after school for disrupting the class. We were nervous and uneasy arriving at his classroom. He said, “Come with me.” We followed him to the auditorium where ping pong tables were set up. He handed us paddles and the three of us had a wonderful half hour of ping pong together. He bonded with us and gained massive amounts of leverage and respect. Afterward, he asked for our help in the classroom. He had our attention for the remainder of the year. He taught me how to influence others and how to empower others to help with my mission.

Mr. Gish, my 11th grade English teacher, taught me how to be a free thinker, to question authority and societal influences and to become my own person. He would invite us to participate in observational experiments. On one occasion, we collected a dime from each person in the class, then took a ballot vote on who in the class we wanted to give the collection too. It was amazing we all chose to the same person, except for that person, of course. He taught me to observe and evaluate things in life so I can see them for what they really are.

Who are those teachers that influenced your life? 

What qualities and traits did they bring to you?  

Have you incorporated their gifts? 

Are you touching as many lives as you are spines?

ChiroSushi Summit

Let me leave you with this thought. Your chiropractic tool box is your hardware – the techniques and tools used to adjust and remove subluxations. Loving your practice members and giving of your heart is your software. It is the software that will keep people coming back to you. You don’t go on your computer because of the hardware; you go on your computer for the information the software can provide you.

Same with people, they want to know and feel you really care about them while you are caring for them.

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