February 15, 2016

Why Chiropractors Should Buy Adwords on their Own Name

By Tristan Schaub In Website Marketing

Bidding on your own name is wise and effective

Protecting Your Name from Other Ads

The first reason we are going to explore why this is a smart move is to increase the value and bid price of your name. Google works on supply and demand Рthe more people bidding on your name (and searches attributed) the higher the suggested bid. One way to protect your name from competitors bidding and stealing your traffic is to raise the price yourself with your own bids. The higher the cost the less likely your competitor will continue to pay.

My Way on MY Highway

The other reason it is wise to own your name on Ad-Words is because you can take control of where you want to direct people who are searching on your name. The average doctor’s name is searched 40-80x a month and if you can direct where people land with the right copy, info and results the better chances your conversions efforts will last.

You Can Improve Public Reputation

With sites like Yelp having very high search rankings when it comes to ‘searches on name’, it is wise to have control and more additions to dilute their value while increasing your own.

Running 2-3 Ad’s on your name and derivatives could convert and save potential “lost” patients.

You Can Improve Your SEO Efforts

The amount of visitors to a website can definitely¬†affect it’s google rankings. With Ad-Words and more specifically¬†owning your own name you have more power and control in the SEO department.