February 17, 2016

Why Aren’t More Chiropractor’s Selling Sex?

By Tristan Schaub In Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing

Sex Sells. But, can it sell Chiropractic?

We’re not talking about “sexy” imagery or “sexual” marketing – literally talking about the act of sex and sexual performance.

We know that the sexual performance enhancement industry is booming. Just look at the data for sales for Viagra and Cialas . And now there is the option for women but just like the medications advertised to men, there are some serious risks.

So if we know Chiropractic is one of, if not, the best and safest option to help improve sexual performance why aren’t we marketing the f**k out of it?

The market share is there for the taking

Let’s look at Google trends for key search terms.

1.9 million searches a year for “Erectile Dysfunction” vs 343,000 results for “Erectile Dysfunction and Chiropractic” – That means there is still 83% of a captivated audience to cover.

97k yearly searches for “low libido” vs 60k total results for searches of “low libido and chiropractic”

How about 3.6 million searches a year for “Menopause” vs 520,000 results for “can chiropractic care help menopause”

(source Google trends, adwords and search history)

Why aren’t more chiropractors focusing on sex?

We can’t really answer the why…be we help with the HOW!

How to market “SEX” for Chiropractic

1. Set up seminar and talks focused on niche issues

From menopause to erectile dysfunction to Orgasms there are at least 4-6 opportunities a year to host a talk on these subjects. Maybe partner up with a local Adult erotic store or sexual therapist to help.

(Side Note: For the last 4 years one of my practices has run an event called “The Big O” it is by far are most attended event and 33% of attendees bring a friend who has never visited our practice.

2. Run Adwords on Keyword related problems in your area

We are a nation that looks to Google first so capitalize on that! Use Adwords Keyword planner to help.

3. Provide Digital Content on the Subject

From Youtube to Instagram and all the Facebook posts in-between there are enough distribution models to get your message across.

  1. Blog and Share
  2. Take photos of workshops
  3. Tweet out stats and refer back to your weblinks
  4. Best yet – create a video – like Dr. Tim Langley here:

Can we make a commitment to start talking more about Sex and stop letting these companies who hurt millions of humans a year have all the fun?

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  1. Ron Ristaino May 16, 2016

    Hi –
    I am looking for some “outside the box” niches for my practice. I am getting tired of competing with every other chiropractor in town for neuropathy, knee and decompression patients. The E.D. market and menopause market are very interesting to me. I would love to discuss this further.

    • chirosushi May 16, 2016

      Hi, Dr. Ron

      Join us for our webinar if you can and future webinars (we have one in the works for generating more referrals from OBGYN and exploring the anti-aging market. https://chirosushi.com/mayweb