January 30, 2017

If You Don’t Tell Them, Then Who Will?

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Health, Opinion

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I don’t have a problem with certain individual MDs or PTs.

I even refer my patients out to them (once in a while). Don’t have a problem with OTs either!

I don’t have a problem with LMTs, in fact, I get various types of relaxation and deep tissue massages regularly and encourage some of my practice members to get them adjunctively with my care.

I don’t have a problem with acupuncturists (In fact, I am a certified acupuncturist although probably 90% of my practice members don’t know that because I’m too busy getting my patients well with the chiropractic adjustment to tell them I am a certified acupuncturist)!

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Modern Western Political Medicine claims to help with prevention of disease (primarily through regular examinations, screening, and early detection or diagnosis) however, in reality, it does not now and never has promoted Health Care or real Preventive Care rather the mainstream continues (more than ever I might add) to promote dependence on medications, surgery, vaccinations and the concept of “sick care”!

At this point, I’d like to commend Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Dr. Beau Pierce for their tireless efforts and continued work in the creation and distribution of VACCINES REVEALED!  An extremely well done 9 Part Documentary Series which encourages parents to make responsible choices with vaccinations. It also shares some of the solutions for parents and children after they’ve been damaged as a result of vaccinations.

I’d also like to send thanks to Dr. Billy DeMoss for his dedication via CalJam to bring thought leaders, like RFK Jr., David Wolfe, Del Bigtree and David Asprey to ChiropracTORS and the masses

I also do not agree with some of the thought leaders in my own profession (although I very much respect them personally and appreciate their opinion). They encourage us not talk about the harmful and detrimental effects and accumulative dangers of vaccinations, over medication, surgery etc… I also feel (when in context) that the amazing benefits of proper nutrition with our patients, including getting their weight under control, getting people aware of the dangers of vaccinations are vital for us to share our concerns with our practice members.

I’m sorry you guys but I just don’t agree.

If we don’t tell them…Who will?

Please tell me!

Their MD? Their PT? Their OT?

The pharmaceutical ads?

The media?

Oh, least I forget the “Food & DRUG Administration” !

Or perhaps maybe the CDC?

Personally, I suspect not!

Just one of the reason why I don’t agree is because my partner is a PhD in Energy Medicine. Through her practice members and friends, years ago, when I first met her clients (many of whom had become her friends) they discussed with me about how good their diet was now, and that they follow a regular exercise regime or program, and they frequently sought out different types of massage and other therapies, including homeopathic essential oils, meditation, mindfulness, mindful eating etc…and this was all good news … so far! But…then…

Next, I asked them when did you first learn about these things (that are so helpful to you staying healthy)?

Their response 90% of the time was:

“Well I went to ‘this chiropractor’ years ago and he introduced me or taught me about this, that or the other thing! So it got me thinking about how I could become healthier so I followed this or that regime since I went to him.”

This was all well and great I thought at first. However, when I later would ask them what the chiropractor’s name was, they all responded: ” I can’t remember!”

This my brothers and sisters in chiropractic is a very sad state of affairs … this is not good!

As those people were no longer under chiropractic care, but actually did owe a great deal of gratitude for the direction they took their health into because of the information that they learned while they were visiting a chiropractor.

What would’ve made me happier was is if they said: ” …and of course I routinely see my doctor of chiropractic X number of times per month or year!”

But the nameless chiropractor’s communication skills quite obviously were not adequate enough to teach them why staying in chiropractic care would’ve been the single most important step they could have and should have taken in the preservation of their good health. Most likely because the chiropractor (they visited) was poorly trained in relating the importance of chiropractic they never followed through with chiropractic preventive or maintenance care.

Enter ChiroSushi Summit… this is another reason why I have founded this ChiroSushi movement with my partners.

It’s great to exercise (we all know many of the benefits), it’s awesome to be mindful and I do encourage my patients to find and practice the most effective kind of meditation for them.

Yes, I’m a certified acupuncturist and understand it well – (see above), I also have my Masters of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and discuss dietary improvements and whole food supplementation personally with my practice members (when appropriate).

Never, however, do I not do my very best to communicate and encourage the importance of long-term regular chiropractic care with my practice members!

And you can be certain: they remember my name! They also know they are negligent if they don’t come for spinal checkups frequently and that they should be checked regularly and adjusted periodically!

This works for me and I have been able to build and maintain a profitable thriving chiropractic practice of nearly 40 years!

I really don’t care how another D.C. practices as long as it’s ethical and that they stay in practice and continue to help thousands of sick, suffering souls and most importantly successfully educate them about the short and long-term benefits of this amazing form of natural health care we are so blessed to have available for so many.

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