November 17, 2016

What’s In It For Me?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success


By now all visiting the ChiroSushi website are aware of the ChiroSushi Summit taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada May 3-7, 2017.  No doubt the Chiropractic profession is inundated with practice management seminars and coaches.  It’s understandable why one is confused and reluctant to attend or “sign up.” 

  It’s natural and understandable to question: case study about a business conflict theory essay donde comprar viagra estados unidos thesis topics biotechnology follow url thesis proposal about environment go to link type my essay for me free levitra hill 'n dale levitra barling narrative essay layout my favourite actress angelina jolie essay essay writing service news computer security topics research paper source viagra online pharamcy university essay prompt pay someone do my homework viagra speedo videos nhs viagra costs go What’s In It For Me?  Why should I take time from my practice/life, travel and spend money to attend THIS seminar over any other or in combination with others?  The answer to those questions can be best answered by asking others.

1.  Are You Happy/Pleased With Your Present Level Of Practice?

If not…..ChiroSushi can help in taking you to whatever level you can envision.

2.  If A Student or New Practitioner….Are You Fully Prepared For Chiropractic Business?

If not…..ChiroSushi will provide you with the tools to build a strong foundation.

3.  Are You Prepared/Desire To Pay Thousands Of Dollars For Help With Your Practice?

No?….Good! ChiroSushi Summit offers you the very most for the very least.

Yes…’s as simple as that.  Necessity is the “Mother Of Invention.”  The ChiroSushi Summit was born out of a need greater today than any other time in the history of Chiropractic business development.  It brings together masters of old coupled with those of today to offer the most effective, most comprehensive practice management/personal development program in the Chiropractic profession today.  It is being offerred a fee most everyone can afford.  No contracts….no hidden fees….never locked into something you don’t agree with.  Staff training by the best in the profession.

What’s In It For You?……An opportunity to take you from your present to a greater/finer place.  A program designed to make your wildest dreams come true.

What’s In It For You?……An opportunity to meet and share with the greatest minds in the business of Chiropractic. 

What’s In It For You?…..An opportunity to learn the principles necessary to establish a sound foundation from which to start….build….and grow your practice.

What’s In It For You?……Nothing more than the greatest seminar of its time at the least expensive price of any.

So….What Are You Waiting For??

Take Advantage Of Early Bird Registration Fees:

Students Only 74.00….Staff Only 99.00 and the ridiculously low fee of 199.00 for Doctors

Take advantage of the ChiroSushi Summit Room rate of only 89.00 at the Westgate Resort

Go To: or call 877-811-3711 and register NOW

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