September 10, 2016

What this Jailbird Chiro Said to a Younger DC in 42 Seconds Made The Audience Erupt!

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It really is just that darn simple!

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Herbert Ross Reaver,DC, was the former vice president of the International Chiropractors Association and unofficial holder of the chiropractic title “most jailed chiropractor” for practicing medicine without a license.

Dr. Reaver had been a practicing chiropractor for more than 70 years in both Ohio and Florida. He served as the ICA’s vice president when B.J. Palmer was its president.

At a seminar featuring Dr.Reaver a younger D.C. with a mixture of anxiety and purpose approaches the microphone:

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The look on Dr. Reaver and his wife’s face is priceless


Dr. Reaver repeats the young D.C.’s question out loud for his and the rooms own clarification,

“How do I evaluate the patient..”

The young D.C. interrupts the older D.C. with the intent to help him as it now appears he’s struggling with the question.

How do you evaluate the treatment of a patient with all your years of experience?

At this point is almost does appear that Dr. Reaver is struggling as his wife begins to side speak to the doctor, “You palpate”


But this Chiropractor isn’t struggling…the question is!

As Dr. Reaver’s response is epic.


“I guess what you mean… what do I do with my sick people?”

And the audience erupts with laughter and applause.


Dr. Reaver tells the audience, “The doctor (asking the question) means well, and I know where he’s coming from”

And then drops this bomb:


He then ends with the importance of doing his job well and impact of proper patient communication.

Watch the full video here:

Reaver was reportedly once beaten with two by fours for providing chiropractic care to “dark skinned” baseball players.

He was despised by the medical community for doing what he did best, “getting sick people well, and keeping the well from getting sick.”

To learn more about Dr. Reaver and his amazing story check out this “Drunk History” style video (minus the drunkness) called Jailbird Chiro

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