March 6, 2016

What Ronald Reagan Learned From BJ Palmer

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture

Brevity with words was the philosophy of B.J. Palmer, founder of the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. That information is from no less a source than former President Ronald Reagan.

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Dr. Palmer, who also owned two radio stations, was Reagan’s boss when Reagan first started out in radio. Reagan, while delivering an address at Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988, related the following story. The story dated back to when Reagan was first starting out in radio, along with Ed Reimers, the voice of the All State Insurance commercials.

Regan Palmer


“B.J. Palmer was one of the greatest exponents of the economy of words and language”, Reagan said. “He impressed on all of us working in radio to never use negatives, to use positives and to say ‘Remember’ instead of ‘Don’t forget’.

“Well, Ed Reimers and I were both announcer at WHO, the NBC-owned radio station in Des Moines. One night Ed gave the station break and he had to fill 20 seconds, so he said, ’This is radio station WHO, Des Moines, Iowa,’”, Reagan recalled. “The door down the hall opened, and a few minutes later, in walked B.J.

He told us, ‘You don’t need to say this because if they’re hearing us, they know this is.’ Ed thanked B.J., but then B.J. said, ‘You don’t need to say ‘this is radio station’, because that’s all they can get on their sets.’

Ed’s now down to ‘WHO, Des Moines, Iowa’. As B.J. started to leave, he turned in the doorway and said, ‘Ed, there is only one Des Moines in the world’.

We all knew from then on, it was WHO, Des Moines, and let there be dead air.’, Reagan said.
The lesson Ronald Reagan and Ed Reimers learned from B.J. Palmer is one we can all use today –

“Keep it simple”. As we named ChiroSushi – the raw, unadulterated, organic and delicious truth about Chiropractic. I ‘like” that!

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