February 13, 2016

What is Your Mission, Talent and Destiny?

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

For the most part every graduate from Chiropractic college, has a similar goal in mind when they receive their degree.  Most all want to open an office or join an existing office and start applying what has taken them 6 or more years to learn.  They want to start serving/helping sick and suffering humanity.  Most are eager to take on the toughest of challenges; to treat the “really tough” cases. 

As one progresses in practice their goals change.  They may want to leave an associateship and go out on their own.  They may want build their own free standing clinic as opposed to renting from the other guy.  Their success may have put them in a position to be able to consider buying or building their own home, saving for their children’s education, even preparing for retirement. 

The questions are: What, as a chiropractor, should ones mission be?  Are their talents sufficient (in their mind) to accomplish that mission?  How do they vision their destiny?

The first thing to accept is every individual is the master of his/her own ship.  They can sail as far as their imagination takes them.  They can slow down, stop, make different turns in their journey.  It is they that control their own destiny. 

In the life of a Chiropractor the mission should be to adjust and help as many people as can possibly be adjusted in a given period of time….a day, week, month, year, lifetime.  The talents should be whatever is necessary to provide faith, confidence and belief (FCB) in the accomplishment of that mission.  Their destiny shall be whereever their mission takes them.

Understand in every field of endeavor someone has to be number one.  There as to be a number one lawyer, accountant, nurse, dentist, golfer, quarterback, heart surgeon, the number one richest person in the world, even a number one bum.  The same is true in the Chiropractic profession.  Someone has to be number one!  There is, always has been, shall always be a number one Chiropractor.

 The question each DC must ask himself/herself is (if they feel that is their destiny)……why not me?  Yes, why not me?

Few take the time to think about how multimillion dollar private jets aren’t made unless someone is supposed to own and fly them.  The multithousand dollar cars are not made unless someone is to drive them.  The multibedroom, multibathroom, mansion situated on acres of prime land aren’t made unless someone is to live in them. 

So as you move travel your journey through life as one of the most unique healers in the world never lose sight of the fact no one can do what you can do.  Not even other Chiropractors can do what you can do.  You are so very special. 

The big question:  What is YOUR MTD?

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