December 14, 2016

What got this young DC in so much trouble?

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Guest Post from Dr. Josh Wagner

This post is brought to you thanks in large part to friends like ChiroSecure

This post is brought to you thanks in large part to friends like ChiroSecure a proud sponsor of the ChiroSushi Summit

Why My First Practice Name Got Me In Trouble….

In grad school (Life) I was a close friend with 2 other students who used to be “company naming” experts.

I’d never heard of that before.  They worked with big clients in NYC coming up with great names for their businesses and products.

I spent hours working with them doing exercises to create my future practice’s perfect name…

I loved the name when we finally created it.

But it bombed in practice….


Looking back and knowing what I know now, I understand why.

The name we came up with…?

The Life House (Chiropractic).

Why’d it bomb?

Because the naming process was all focused on what I wanted it to be and the message I wanted to share with my marketplace (potential patients).

And what’s wrong with that?

Is because most people won’t tell you something about your service sucks.  They just won’t return or never come in the first place.

It’s like the saying “I don’t have to tell you if you’re right or wrong.  That’s life’s job.”

Not until 2 years into practice I finally found non-DCs who gave me honest feedback about my practice’s name.

One thought it stood for an evangelist organization.  The other thought it was a social services organization (like a place for addicts perhaps).

Neither was good for attracting new chiropractic patients



Many reasons.

Here are two:

– It Wasn’t Crystal Clear What or Who the Business Is For

– It Doesn’t Say Exactly The Benefits My Ideal New Patient Is Looking For

But what’s most important to understand is why this happened:

I created the name based on my mentality, instead of my prospective patients’ mentality.

And that’s a recipe for disaster.

Because everything we do in our business should be catered to the people we’re looking to attract in.  To serve them in making an inspired and informed decision to choose us.  And then being very happy with their experience and choice.  That’s why referrals actually come from.  Referrals aren’t because you ask people or because they got the results they were expecting. 

People aren’t enthusiastic about expectations being met.

And people don’t refer because you ask them.  Think of the last movie or restaurant you referred someone to.  Did you refer because you were asked to do so by a manager?


And if you weren’t going to refer in the first place, would getting asked have changed your mind?

Unlikely as well.

Your message (at least on the outside to get new patients in) must be all about what they want.  And most non-chiropractic patients don’t have a clue as to what Chiropractic can REALLY help with.

That’s ok.  Start where they are.  When Chiropractors try to educate or convince prospective patients on something they don’t already agree with, it can cause skepticism.

But more likely it makes the prospective patient feel like you’re not the one for them.

Perhaps they have a neck or back injury, and you’re mainly speaking about wellness or pediatric care.  That patient probably doesn’t think you’re the best fit doctor for them.  And you just lost a great new patient who you could have helped…

And who do you think there are more of in your community:

Patients looking for “traditional chiropractic complaints” (i.e. neck and back)
Patients looking for purely wellness because everything feels great as it is…

And do you think new patients with neck and back issues don’t have children at home, or won’t be interested in care after you resolve their initial concern?

So don’t shoot yourself in the foot before a patient even has the ability to enter your practice.

And this filters through every area we market our practice.


Online Presence (blogs, podcasts, website)

Business cards or Brochures 

Your New Patient 1st Experience in Your Practice

Do you see anywhere you or your practice is communicating to patients
not in terms of what they’re looking for right now?

Do you think if you spoke to what new patients are looking for you’d have more calling you and coming in?

Now this isn’t about never sharing with your patients above and beyond what they already think your service is for.

You don’t have to compromise your service, ever.

But don’t make the same mistake I did.

Don’t turn people away before you ever even get a chance to speak to them.

You have far too valuable a gift and every person should know about you and experience your care.

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About the Author

Dr. Josh Wagner shows DCs strategies for new patient care acceptance, retention and referral increase without ever feeling like a salesman.  Originally frustrated by the low public perception and usage of Chiropractic, Dr. Wagner now devotes his focus to changing this for the profession globally.

When he’s not spending his time helping Chiropractors he’s most often found in the sun listening to 80s music.
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