October 26, 2017

This War Hero Almost Chose Suicide Until Chiropractic Came Into His Life

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success, Press Release

Just when he thought he was pulling his life together after being hit by a roadside bomb during his second deployment in Iraq, Retired U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Shilo Harris suffered yet another injury in 2014 — this time not military-related — that caused him to once again turn to opioids to try to relieve his pain.

But doing so, he says, left him so depressed that he “contemplated suicide.”

The alternative to opioids that finally did work for him? Drug-free chiropractic care, which Harris so credits with “literally giving me back my life” that he’s now encouraging support for the Foundation for Chiropractic Progress’ opioid awareness campaign.

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