February 15, 2016

Want to Steal Other Doctors Patients?

By Tristan Schaub In Marketing Tools, Uncategorized, Website Marketing

I once shared this strategy with a roomful of Chiropractors….I thought they were going to murder me.

I also shared this strategy with a friend that soon became a competitor. I regretted that decision every day – But now I want to level the playing field and share it with you.

Running Ad-Words on a Competitors Name

This practice has been in place for years in the tech industry. It’s smart, simple and cost effective. So why aren’t more small businesses doing this? Maybe it’s ethics? Maybe it’s just lack of knowledge? Let’s address the moral issue first.

Is it ethical for a doctor to run ad-words on a competitor?

I’m serious about sharing this tip with a roomful of young chiropractors. They were not ‘feeling it’ and almost seemedĀ upset that I even presented it. When I asked one of the young D.C.’s why they answered “Because it doesn’t feel right.”

I replied…”It shouldn’t. But do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in the services you provide? Do you believe you are just as good or better than your competitor to provide these services? Then, do you feel that prospective patients should be at least given the chance to view you as a potential option?”

He asked me to help get him started 16 minutes after that.

How to Run Wise and Ethical Ad-Words on Competitors

I can’t be the one to sell you on changing your paradigm. I can share with you that my accounts who have adopted this philosophy averaged three more new patients a month with an average monthly spend of less than $75.

Step #1: Go to Google Adwords

Set up an account if you don’t have one.

Step #2 Set up a new campaign

Label it “Doctors Names”

Step #3 Create copy, destination, and keyword list

The destination is one of the most crucial elements and helps you define your copy. We suggest using a 3rd party site as your landing page – maybe a Yelp or MyNewExpert page.

From there you can have simple but effective copy such as: “Looking for a Chiropractor – Learn more about top rated Chiropractors in your area – read real reviews and more.”

Lastly, your keyword list will just be your competition in all types of formats.

Here are some ways to keep it cool and classy:

  • Don’t have the name of the competitor in the ad copy
  • Do have the specialty you share in the name
  • Don’t use comparison statements in ad copy
  • Do give a question or option statement
  • Don’t lead to your website
  • Do lead to a 3rd party website, like MyNewExpert.com…hint hint….wink wink

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