August 10, 2016

VitaLogics Creates a Massive Opportunity for Chiropractors

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Technology

To Connect and Educate More People in their Communities without the Extra Work

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VitaLogics is a wellness technology company that provides a cloud based, chiropractic emr software system to many health and wellness clinics around the world. The software was designed and created by chiropractors looking for a system that uses technology to make a chiropractor and a chiropractor’s team more efficient and effective in providing quality care to more people.

VitaLogics released its API with InfusionSoft and four patient wow automated email campaigns outside of their Beta Testing in 2015 and saw some huge power and ever more opportunity. The patient wow campaigns were designed by the company to create a more educated patient, increase patient referrals, increase in patient’s visit average and stick to treatment plan and lastly to capture the most value from your internal and external marketing dollars.

“The power in the automation for the clinic and the reach of the community is beyond a dollar amount,” said Esposito.

Dr. Joseph Esposito, CEO of VitaLogics, calls the system a smart system because daily functions can trigger an email to be sent to the patient. “The power in the automation for the clinic and the reach of the community is beyond a dollar amount,” said Esposito.

With the platinum monthly cloud subscription package, clinics choosing VitaLogics will get dozens of email content split into four “campaign” structures. The campaign structures are new patient prospects, new patient engagement, recall, and inactivation. “When a system is doing things like VitaLogics with its research, triggered campaigns, and custom set automation creates a return on investment rather than cost for the system to the clinic. I see doctors being able to provide more care to their community, living a better work/life balance and giving back to their profession just by seeing their patients using our system,” states Technology Solution Specialist with VitaLogics, Nicole Cowley.

To learn more about an API and the InfusionSoft Integration with VitaLogics EMR, health and wellness providers are encouraged to visit to request a full demo or simply by emailing the lead specialist on their team, ncowley(at)

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