April 11, 2016

ViralChiro: Chiropractor finds unique way to give back

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A model of a human spine hangs near one wall in Dr. Robert Simpson’s office, in a nod to his primary career as a chiropractor.

But Simpson’s office contains no clues to his sideline job treating animals.

The Ada chiropractor became interested in animal chiropractic in the early 2000s, when a female patient told him about her 11-year-old dachshund, Coco. Coco had suffered a disc injury when she jumped off a couch, and a veterinarian had told the woman that her pet would need a set of wheels because she had lost control of her hind legs.

Simpson said he was not sure how to treat Coco’s injury at first, but he knew animals’ spines were similar to human spines.

“We went to looking at it, and I used a little hand-held adjusting device,” Simpson said in a recent interview. “And this was before there was animal chiropractic (licensing) per se in the state of Oklahoma. There was no certification for it. And so, I decided well, I’d better start checking into getting certification.”

He said Coco responded well to treatment for a herniated disc. and she was back to her old self after a few sessions.

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