May 18, 2016

To Video or Not To Video Chiropractic Adjustments? That Is The Question

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Issues in Australia raise the question: Should Chiropractors film and promote adjustments on patients?

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It’s interesting how things can change in a year.

Last year after visiting numerous practitioners in the U.S.,Muntathar Altaii started losing hope of ever walking upright again. On the verge of giving up on life, Altaii contacted Dr. Ian Rossborough of Chiropractic Excellence in Victoria, Australia. Altaii embarked upon a ten-day journey with Dr. Rossborough that gradually restored his posture to its rightful state. Using methods associated with Gonstead Chiropractics, Dr. Rossborough was able to greatly improve Altaii’s condition in a staggeringly short amount of time

Dr. Ian Rossborough shared that journey via Youtube and then his message and ultimately a message of Chiropractic went viral.

Dr Ian 1


Dr. Ian 2

Fast Forward to present time

After sharing a video of adjusting a baby, Dr. Ian’s latest videos also went viral but not in the way he probably had hoped for.

ian 3

And now he faces scrutiny and issues with the board of Australia.

Many Chiropractors and patients offer moral and professional support

ian 4

Ian 5

ian 6

But some who do support Dr. Ian also raise the question of sharing Chiropractic adjustments on Youtube

Ian 7

So should Chiropractor’s Share Adjustments on Youtube and other video platforms?

Let’s take a look at the pros:

1. Chiropractic Adjustment videos can help calm skepticism and fears for prospective patients

I used to be a skeptic about chiropractic care until I started watching this channel. His latest video is so amazing. videos

2. To be a doctor is to teach

Having platforms such as Youtube allow Chiropractors to share and educate more people and more efficiently.

3. Chiropractic Youtube videos can be marketing gold

From more exposure to optimized search results.

chiropractic adjustment Google Search

Heck, some people even really enjoy watching Chiropractic adjustments 

But what about the cons

1. HIPAA is always a concern

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that it will be performing more audits this year, and that they will be focused on smaller practices rather than larger heath care entities. Some practices find it advisable to work with a firm specializing in HIPAA compliance.

Whether or not you consult with an outside firm, there is one simple solution to a common HIPAA violation that occurs regularly in practices of all kinds: unauthorized photography and video in your office.

But authorized videos with informed consent are another question

If a patient consents to a video being used for marketing or education purposes you are most likely in the clear unless…

2. The patient flips the script

Who knows what could spark a patient to get upset about a video they originally consented to, but it is a possibility, although rare.

We recommend talking to an educated and experienced Malpractice carrier, such as ChiroSecure to learn more on this topic.

3. There is such thing as bad press

As we are seeing with the Dr. Ian situation things can blow up and escalate because of public misconceptions.

4. You might tick off your colleagues

Some old school or “no-marketing” doctors might view you as a showboat and self-serving. Although we believe this to be untrue of any DC sharing content it is wise to be aware and empthatic towards your brothers and sisters.

So should you video adjustments?

Maybe it’s best to look at what Plastic Surgeons are doing?

With live-streaming and social media overload, we’ve all sort of accepted that privacy as we once knew it is dead. Still, there are some lines that shouldn’t be crossed, right? Right?

Perhaps not, if Michael Salzhauer, M.D. (a.k.a. Dr. Miami), has anything to say about it. The plastic surgeon, known for his Brazilian butt lifts and curve-creating breast augmentations, is adding to his celeb status by broadcasting all of his surgeries live on Snapchat. Talk about getting up close and personal.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons declined to comment on Dr. Salzhauer’s practice specifically. “Regarding the broadcasting of a surgery,” a representative said, “there are so many variables to consider with each surgery location, procedure, patient, and doctor. Absolutely, privacy laws and patient consent that must be honored. Ultimately, any broadcast is at the discretion and consent of the facility, patient, and doctor.”

Interesting to look at it from another perspective sometimes.

We at ChiroSushi love patient videos and education, especially showing real and live adjustments. But it does seem wise to be aware and check with your trusted team of advisors on what is the right and possible legal way to do it.

Make sure your patients sign some form of consent to protect yourself and your practice.

A happy medium might be the sharing of patient testimonials alongside a discussion with the patient or even a case report.

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