August 25, 2016

25 Best Time Management Apps and Tools for Chiropractors

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Chiropractic Technology, Practice Management

Using Time Management Results In Accomplishment

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As busy professionals, we are bombarded with thousands of communications per day that can dilute our energies. We must be organized to stay in power and present consciousness, and we must always be focused on the truly important issues facing us: click research paper topics human resource management essay about advantages and disadvantages of early marriage what nascar driver s viagra ford foundation and mellon/acls dissertation completion fellowships gay marriage should not be legalized essay specific psychology research paper topics wordpress thesis for dummies essay online english assignment help help essay 123 viagra 100mg bijsluiter click here go to site compare and contrast essay on christianity and judaism convert english essay to hindi how to list sources at the end of an essay research paper services ict gcse coursework spreadsheet new life generic viagra levitra tab galaxy raynauds viagra treatment watch follow follow generic viagra line master thesis examiner report witty dissertation captions Our Patients, Our staff and Our families.

One of the organizational tools that can be used is the master planning of your time. This tool enables you to become focused on your single most important priority and any one given moment.

Remember, time is a resource. However, we can’t buy it, borrow it, save it or change it! The only thing we can do is spend it! There are a number of brand-name organizational apps you can buy that will help you schedule your time correctly. If used correctly sometimes these apps work well. Some professionals have certain needs and writing habits that go beyond the platforms and mobile apps available.

Generally, any system of time management use is better than none. Running your tasks and or goals down in your time management app or system and recording jobs delegated to others will help free you up to keep your “eye on the donut and not on the hole .”


Most importantly one needs to know as Dr. Charlie Ward says “That a man or a woman with a plan is UNSTOPPABLE, because no one has a plan to stop him or herself.”

Ladies, if he calls you crazy, don't get upset. Crazy girls are better in bed so take it as a compliment.But stab him, just in case. (2)

Remember no one can work at a high level of productivity with a low level of planning

On a higher level, what we actually need to do is to train ourselves to use techniques that stop the procrastination and then help get us to commit, in writing, to an individual course of action.

Foster Hibbard says there are four basic steps to success: “A definitive major purpose, a plan of action, the use of a trusted Mastermind group and continuous action continuous action continuous action.”

When you attend this upcoming ChiroSushi Summit, set some time aside to set up your own well-clarified objectives. Remember, these goals are best if they meet several criteria:

  1. Specific
  2. Measurable
  3. Realistically attainable within a given time period
  4. Compatible with your other objectives (don’t conflict or compete)
  5. Have due dates for accomplishments
  6. Are clearly written
  7. And finally, are signed by you


It’s exciting to see chiropractors discover or redefine their mission in life , map out their short and long-range goals , share those commitments with other successful chiropractors, and, ultimately, take the first step of action in the development of their personal and professional lives.

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  1. ChiroSecure – Get your Chiropractic Content Fast and Easy!
  2. Focus Booster – Simple and effective Pomodoro technique time tracking
  3. FullContact Card Reader. – The most effective way to scan business cards into Google Contacts, iPhone Contacts, & 500+ other apps.
  4.  Things – Things is a delightful and easy to use task manager.
  5.  RescueTime – RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive.
  6.  Freckle – time tracking was so fast, & easy, & almost fun
  7. Basecamp – Tasks, discussions, deadlines, and files – everything’s predictably organized in Basecamp.
  8. Dropbox – Dropbox simplifies the way you create, share and collaborate. Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and keep your files safe.
  9. Evernote – Modern life can be complicated. Simplify it with Evernote, the app to manage it all.
  10. Remember The Milk – The smart to-do app for busy people.
  11. Todoist –  Accomplish more, every day.Millions of people rely on Todoist to get things done.
  12. Kanbanchi – online tool for task management, project management, and collaboration
  13. myMemorizer – Web calendar with e-mail and SMS reminder alert service.
  14. – Simple, synchronized to-do list app.
  15. EasilyDo – Your Smart Assistant
  16. Google Docs – Googles streamlined documentation creator and hub.
  17. ifttt – One of the best apps and services for automating small tasks.
  18. MyLifeOrganized – The Most Flexible Task Management Tool
  19.  Universal Password Manager – Universal Password Manager (UPM) allows you to store usernames, passwords, URLs and generic notes in an encrypted database protected by one master password.
  20.  30/30 – Gesture based time management app
  21. Freedom – Freedom is the world-famous Internet, social media, and app blocker.
    Freedom works on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac and Windows computers.
  22. Don’t Break the Chain! – Allows you to track your daily commitment to your most important goal!
  23.  Carbonfin Outliner – CarbonFin Outliner allows you to organize your thoughts, tasks, and projects.
  24. Sunrise – Your new calendar
  25. Vitalogics – Revolutionary Chiropractic EHR Software and Wellness Technologies for today’s modern chiropractor.

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