June 3, 2016

Using Sniply for Chiropractic

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Technology, Marketing, Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing

This tool should be a Chiropractors next best friend

First, check out this “snippet” on Sniply from a previous ChiroSushi webinar

Sniply is a great tool for branding and sharing content while allowing yourself to get some of the mojo from the share.

What is it?

It’s basically an overlay platform with a url shortner. But it’s easier to show then explain:

So Sniply is preeetttyyy awseome right?

Here are some of the ways a Chiropractor can use Sniply


Just by having your beautiful mug over a snip you can brand other content that has gone viral.

Conversion Marketing

Grab emails or point readers to your next event or live speaking engagement.

Link Building Amplified 

Instead of just using a regular link, use a snip and have it work for you.

What are some ways you would use Sniply in your practice?

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