January 19, 2017

The Two Things That A Practice Member REALLY Wants From A ChiropracTOR

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

What do your practice members really want?

“Every man, woman and child on the planet checked for vertebral subluxation and adjusted when necessary from birth.” Dr. Liam Shübel

Dr. Liam Schübel is a chiropractic ambassador to the world.  His mission is to populate the earth with loving, passionate, subluxation centered chiropractors.

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In the meantime, check out this 2-minute video of  “The Two Things That A Practice Members Really Wants.”


He is the co-author of the internationally acclaimed book CAST TO BE CHIROPRACTORS, an inspirational story that illustrates two chiropractor’s lifelong journey of passionate service to humanity through the practice of chiropractic.

Known by friends and colleagues as “The Schubelnator”, Dr. Schübel is unstoppable in his mission to liberate the potential of humanity through the power of chiropractic.  www.schubelvisionworldwide.com