February 12, 2016

Two Practice Problems

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

The title of this blog may give the impression it will deal with two of many problems in a  Chiropractic practice.  Virtually every graduate of Chiropractic college is well equipped to take care of sick and suffering humanity.  Every new graduate has poured hundreds of hours into the study of human anatomy, physiology, pathology and the science, philosophy and art of their chosen profession, Chiropractic. of the matter is there are really only two problems in any practice.  National boards have been taken and passed.  State boards have been taken and passed.  It is now time to begin practicing what has been taught through all these years of study.

The fact of the matter is while graduates from Chiropractic college are prepared to administer their very special type of care to the masses….are good doctors….they are not good business people.  It is the rare graduate from Chiropractic college who is an equally good business person.  As a result, these new practitioners may feel they are faced with problem after problem to a point of being overwhelming. 

With regard to the business end of operating a practice there will be many issues to be addressed.  Some days it will seem the entire day is devoted to “stomping out fires.”  There are, however; only common problems facing any/every Chiropractor in their practice.  Makes no difference where you practice, which technique(s) you employ…there are only two problems:

1.  Mismanagement of time by doctor and staff.  Worst violator is usually not the staff.

2.  Lack of patient compliance.   Patients not following through with the type care, you, their doctor feels is in their best interest.

That’s it, that’s all….two problems. Addressing these problems requires considerable thought and effort to solve.  Lets take a look at how each should be addressed:

MISMANAGEMENT OF TIME:  “Plan your work and work your plan.”  Staff members should be hired with a specific job description to which they shall be held accountable.  Specific times should be allowed for new patient processing.  Offices should know the average time necessary to treat established patients and schedule accordingly.  Time allowance should be in place to handle emergencies and the unexpected.  There are specific formulas available for establishing the most effective time management.

PATIENT COMPLIANCE:   Establishing patient compliance begins with the very first contact with patients.  Through proper/effective office procedure new patients will soon discover yours is a “top notch” office who cares about its patients.  Incorporating a “pre-consultation dialogue” with the new patient lays the foundation for enhanced patient compliance.  Performing a “touch all bases” consultation/examination shows the patient just how sincere you are in addressing their health issues.  The written/verbal (written preferred) report of finding will provide the value and necessity of Chiropractic care for their immediate issues as well as providing the reason for continued life time Chiropractic care for them, their family and friends.

Understanding and addressing the two problem of every practice will solve the vast majority of issues encountered in operating that practice.

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