February 11, 2016

TWO KEYS TO SUCCESS for Chiropractors

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

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When attempting to define and/or evaluate success many thoughts come to mind. In
reality “success” is very personal. It has a different meaning to everyone. That point where one has “arrived” is something only that individual can determine.

In the Chiropractic profession doctors will attend this seminar or that, incorporate this procedure or that in an effort to attain “success.” There are some DC’s who even have a specific barometer to gauge success for themselves and others. More often than not the barometer is based on number of patient visits in a given time…usually a day. The number tossed around for decades has been 100 PV’s per day. “When you reach 100 PV’s/day you have arrived…you have now become successful. That simply is not true. Others may use income as the barometer. Once a certain dollar figure per month or year is reached….ah-la … success! That simply is not true either.

The basic determining factor of having become successful is when the individual feels he/she is successful. If it is patient visits then the success level is when the individual has reached a pre-established patient visit goal. If it’s income, same determining factor understanding both “success barometers” may (and should) change.

Some seminar teachers will lay out multiple keys for reaching/determining success. When boiled down to its simplest form there are really only two keys to success. That’s right, only two basic fundamental keys necessary to embrace to reach whatever level of success you have established for yourself. Those keys are ATTITUDE and PROCEDURE.

To reach your success goal you must develop an attitude of success to take you there. Some (relatively few) have a natural, innate attitude of success. Most will have develop the “attitude of success” by reading books, listening to audios, viewing videos and/or attending seminars. Over a given period of time you will begin doing the things necessary to reach whatever level of success you have envisioned for yourself.

Attitude and Procedure go hand in hand. While attitude is an inanimate object, more of a mental key, procedure is more physical. Realizing it’s not the things you know you know that will determine your success…..as you already know those things. It’s not the things you know you don’t know that hinders your success…if you know you don’t know something you can do what is necessary to learn it. What one learns about attitude and procedure is discovering those aspects coupled with success that you didn’t know you didn’t know.

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