May 16, 2017

The Top 5 Ways SMART Chiropractors Boost Their Practice Revenue

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

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1.Give Back

Donate some time or sponsor community groups that are improving healthcare. The goal is to get your practice and name out in the community.

Dentists are brilliant with this marketing approach. Just Google Free Dental Care and check the news feed link for all the press releases.

“One of the greatest experiences in my life has been participating in “Smile Generation Serve Day.” On this day each year, our office opens its doors on a Saturday to provide free dental treatment for those who need it most. For the past four years, we have partnered with the Emergency Aid of Nevada. This is an organization that provides food, supplies, and health-care access to those who may not have the money or means to do it themselves. Last year, we provided more than $54,000 of free dental treatment, seeing 35 patients. This year, we served 52 patients, and provided more than $143,000 of free dental treatment in a single day! We spent months preparing for this day, gaining the attention of three oral surgeons, five general dentists, multiple hygienists, along with numerous dental assistants and front office staff members to help us provide dental care to these humble and grateful patients. The day was full of hard work, lots of sweat, great memories, big smiles, and happy tears. It was one of the most emotionally draining, yet spiritually fulfilling days of my life.” Cody Mugleston, DDS

“Corporate social responsibility is not a new idea, but one that resonates more than ever with consumers in the driver’s seat, controlling and sharing information,” says Helen Vollmer, CEO of Vollmer Public Relations, one of the largest independent PR firms in the country.  “The Mad Men days of advertisers telling us what to think and what to buy is long gone.  Today savvy marketers understand that we want a voice in what’s happening around us.  Those companies that embrace this and involve us in their core values will win every time.”

2.Become an Authority Through Content

Publish articles in journals or write a book. Or just start small with a few blog posts on your practice website or another site (wink, wink – ChiroSushi). Being an authority drives new patients to you.

How do you think new patients are discovering you? We believe in implementing effective referral campaigns, but simple word-to-mouth recommendations no longer stand on top.

At the ChiroSushi Summit 2017, Entrepreneur John Sung Kim talked about why all practices should be blogging 6 times a week.

He found, with data, that the practices who blog 6x a week drove up revenue dramatically.

Content allows you to demonstrate your expertise, and to show that you are growing and learning with the world as well. No patient wants to be under the care of a supposed “expert”. With content marketing, you’ll have the proof to show patient’s that you were on top of the topic before they even asked you about it.

3.Lease a Classroom

Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and fitness classes are perfect fits for Chiropractic and could be a perfect fit to use your office space when you are not using it.

For example;

On Sunday we rent our whole office space to a Reiki group for 3 hours.

On Thursday we rent our office space to a massage therapist.

On Friday Afternoon we rent our space to a meditation group.

Not only do we help offset costs and increase revenue for our practice, but we also are now bringing new folks and faces into our home which leads to referrals.

“I didn’t know there was a Chiropractor here?”

You do now!

4. Sell More

One of the Chiropractic’s biggest names and founder of one of the most successful seminars also sells about $1200 a week in Proper Pillows and Rollers.

It helps his patients, helps his results and helps his bottom line.

5. Add a Credit Card on File

If you’re in private practice for long enough, you’ll have that experience where a client fails to pay something they owe you. It may be your no-show fee, wherein the client not only no-shows but doesn’t communicate with you again. It may be more innocent, where the client is willing to pay but has poor organization. In order to prevent losses from such situations – and sometimes to simplify the process for both clinician and client – some Chiropractors ask patients to provide credit card information for the therapist to keep on file. Then when a charge comes up, often due to a no-show, the clinician can charge the card in the client’s absence and immediately collect payment.

We recommend connecting with Chosen Payments to better understand the right and wrong way to do this!