October 3, 2017

Tony Robbins, Demartini and the 20% Headspace Leaky Bucket Problem

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication

If 80 Percent of Success Is Headspace, What About the Other 20?

Talented motivational speakers and authors like Tony Robbins and Dr. John Demartini, etc. often talk about headspace. And recently, I met a solid dude named Tom Nester, we shared a stage at Ashly Oschner’s fantastic GO EVENT in Chicago.  He and many others have said success can be responsible for up to 80 percent of a person’s success. What is headspace, though? Is it merely the amount of empty space inside your head?




Actually, headspace is the collection of attitudes you bring to your projects. You’re likely to triumph in your practice if you’re calm, confident and willing to work hard, persevere and collaborate.

The right headspace also involves healthy relationships with money. Saving is better than splurging, though maybe not as much fun, and your investments must be prudent and proportional, etc.  On the contrary, feeling guilty for charging people for your services, for example, is a clear sign you may not have a healthy “headspace” about money.

If you have the healthy mindset, your headspace is cleared for launch.

Personally, I enjoy reading about headspace, personal development and attitudes and you should definitely be working on that. You’re sure to come across some useful messages.

However, there’s still that 20 percent that’s left over. I agree that your headspace can prime you for positive outcomes, but it won’t get you across the finish line. For a thriving chiropractic practice, what’s that elusive missing ingredient?

The answer is action. You can’t succeed at something until you DO something. Once you have your goals in mind – collecting a certain level of revenue, for instance — you must start speaking to potential patients, start them on care and close the deal.

The difference between headspace by itself and headspace with action is all the difference in the world. Think about what would happen if you said to your significant other, “I’m sorry I didn’t go to your mother’s birthday party yesterday, but I did celebrate in my head.” – you’re screwed.

Of course, not all action is good action. The steps that lead to increased sales for chiropractors are very precise. Yes, we’ve perfected specific strategies, and we can walk you through them in a way that’s extremely helpful.

Also, we won’t make you spend any time going over paradigm shifts, trying out personal development exercises or closing your eyes and imagining you’re a fish. All of our advice is grounded in the real world and completely focused on boosting your bottom line – immediately.

When you rely on the process, you’ll get fast results. In turn, your headspace should improve further. You’ll probably be more confident and more energized. You might even say that it’ll be a “heady” experience. Then again, you might not. Does it really matter?  You just moved into the penthouse and bought your parents a house.


We’re the other 20%.


Daniel C. Bai, DC



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