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Whether you’re young or seasoned, newbie or experienced, Postural Neurology is the program that you need to make it happen!

Breaking the OLD MODEL of neurology education, destroying the overly priced, extremely long, complicated and non practical way of learning and making neurology quick and easy, while maintaining effective and objective results, created by practitioners like you, FOR YOU!

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And just to recap, here’s what you get when you grab the New Certified Postural Neurology program:

  • 50% off the Price of the Certified Postural Neurology program [$4,500 Value] –
  • 100% Completely Online Certified Postural Neurology Program
  • Access to a Private CPN forum (a $400 value) allowing you to ask questions, network, and be the first to get any new information, updates, and added value gifts from the American Posture Institute
  • How to Use a Webinar to Build Your Practice (a $400 value) – Get insights in how to communicate with your community in order to generate new patients, and communicate your message.
  • Brain-Based Posture Analysis Checklist (a $200 value) – to record each patients findings allowing you to quickly and easily implement brain based posture analysis into your practice.
  • Quick Start Postural Neurology Implementation Guide (a $1,000 value) – can be used to see the most efficient ways to implement Postural Neurology into your practice regardless of the size or location or practice style. What tools you need, how to implement them, and get you up and running right away.
  • Patient Conversion Hacks Vault (a $1,999 value) – How to pre-educate your patients for increased conversions, the neuro report for increased compliance, the most common questions, and the 2 minute postural neurology explanation for your patients.
  • Brain Based Posture Patient Education poster (a $200 value) – that can be used when communicating with your patients how posture and brain function affect their health. Use this professional poster to increase patient compliance, and increase referrals.

And if you grab the full-pay option you get 3 MORE BONUSES, including:

  1. New Patient Tactics (a $2,000 value) – Strategies on how to use community workshops, professional collaborations, added value webinars, and Facebook positioning to grow an overflow of new patients!
  2. Patient Education Materials – 1 month’s worth (a $700 value) – get 30 days, 1 full month of patient education materials. Including a mixture of educational blogs, PDF handouts, and social media shareables that come UNBRANDED so you can use them for your own clinic to increase patient satisfaction & NEW Patients.
  3. A Second Postural Neurology Certification Free (a $4,500 value) – Don’t implement Postural Neurology by yourself, give a free program to someone in your office and implement it together.


If you enroll before midnight tonight (Thurs Mar 16th) we are going to throw in LIFETIME ACCESS!

What does that mean?

Get the course now and keep it forever. Not ready to start tomorrow? No problem, start when you are ready, when you have more time, or when you feel like it. Get ALL FUTURE UPDATES, Enhancements, improvements, and add-ons. Anything they do to make the course better, you get access to it. (They never stop improving, so this means you are in for a lifetime of great new enhancements).

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(Pretty much a no brainer)

Here is everything you will learn:

1. You will learn everything you need to know about Postural Neurology.

2. You get their support for implementation.

3. You will be able to locate and correct the Origin of Distortion within minutes!

4. Get better results than you ever gotten before.

5. Understand fully why what you do works and learn how to do even more for the patient.

6. Download materials to help you easily learn this information, such as the Workbook, Textbook, Checklists, and more!

7. Know with certainty how to perform a complete brain based posture analysis and the Neuro Scan.

8. Understand how to set up brain based postural correction programs that your patients can do in the office and at home.

9. Plus, learn how to set up Neuro Kits providing your patients with everything they need for their at home brain based postural correction.

10. Be so confident in practice that you can’t believe you never knew this information before!

11. And the best part of all, when you complete the program you will receive an official certification as a Certified Postural Neurologist from the American posture institute!

What’s The Structure Of the Program? 

5 Modules – 100% Online

● Module 1: Postural Neurology, the Evolution of Brain Based Posture

● Module 2: Neuro 101

● Module 3: Master The Neurology of the Posture System

● Module 4: Brain Based Posture Analysis

● Module 5: Brain Based Postural Correction and Treatment Plans


● 1 Bonus Module – Advanced Neurology (for those that want it ALL)


● Certificate From The American Posture Institute

o Become a Certified Postural Neurologist


Are you still reading this?

Ok, just wanted to make sure, because for sure I figured after all that you would have clicked over to enroll by now.

Go Enroll Now and Jump Right In! 

Just remember all of these amazing bonuses and this incredible offer (50% Off); that is only valid until Midnight tonight (Thurs Mar 16th). After that the bonuses are gone! That amazing price, tomorrow it doubles!

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