February 18, 2016

Tips & Hacks to Convert More Prenatal Chiropractic Patients

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing, Website Marketing

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Convert a new Mommy to be and You have the potential Patient(S) (and Referal Source) for LIFE

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Quick Facts:

(Source: FastStats -CDC)

  • Number of births: 3,932,181
  • Birth rate: 12.4 per 1,000 population
  • Fertility rate: 62.5 births per 1000 women aged 15-44 years
  • Percent born low birthweight: 8.0%
  • Percent born preterm: 11.4%
  • Percent unmarried: 40.6%
  • Mean age at first birth: 26.0

Here’s 15 Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Convert Prental Patients

1. Reach out to OBGYN’s in your area

Cold Calling 101 should be applied here

A. Call:

Call and leave a message with the front desk, don’t ask to speak to the doctor, if the doctor is available the front desk will connect you with them once you say this script:

“Hi this is Dr. ______ , Can I leave a message with Dr. ______ – I’d like to connect with them regarding a few of their OB patients.”

An OB will always call another doctor back and if you mention their patients it will add levity to the call.

B. Drop by….but bring a gift for the office

Medical practices are use to the drop by visitors in their office. Unfortunately, they are also use to the drop by visitor in their office making it all about them and what they sell.


Drop by with a hello, a gift, some professional cards and a message to have the doctor call you back or email you.

Gift Ideas:



Movie Tickets

Have your own gift ideas? Post them at the ChiroSushi Facebook Group

2. Follow Up with the Doctor

If the doctor hasn’t reached out to you – don’t forget one of the most important steps: Follow Up

Reach out via telephone to ask if the doctor received their message and offer to set up a lunch for the office.

OBGYN’s love Free Lunches!

3. Pitch the Doctor and the Staff

There are few important things to remember here –

  1. Speak to the Doctor “Scientist to Scientist”
  2. Praise, praise, praise
  3. Ask

Bring your A game- when presenting to an OBGYN. Remember, to be a Doctor is to teach – and this is your chance to supply info and back it up.

Praise the doctor – the staff – the patients – Yes…kiss some ass. The average OB has at least 9-12 new OB’s (minimum) in their practice a month – and YOU want to help collaborate with their health.

Ask for the referrals: There is no harm and no foul for stating your intention at this point.

“Dr _____. I want and would greatly appreciate your referrals. What would help us accomplish this goal?”

OBGYN practices were built similar to Chiropractors: Marketing, Referrals, and Word of Mouth so it shouldn’t be uncomfortable at this point for you to ask for their help.

The most important thing to an OBGYN is that their patient will be well taken care of and that they are in safe hands.

4. Make Referrals Easy for the Team + Follow Up

Forms + Follow Up are the game here!

If you have ever analyzed how Imaging Centers have grown their business, then you know it’s all about referrals. Imaging Centers will send (at least) monthly a representative over with requisition orders, candy, collateral and to check in with the doctor.

Create your own patient referral template form that can be easily faxed or emailed over.

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Other Tips and Hacks!

5. Run Adwords on OB names in Your Area

It will be cheap and effective ways to brand and possibly convert new patients. Use a landing page that resonates with your copy.

Want a Free Adwords Setup & Consult from MyNewExpert (The premier social proof +marketing automation platform for Doctors? Email us at info@ChiroSushi.com and we’ll hook you up! 

6. Host a Mommy to Be Dinner With Doc Event

Most Chiropractor’s are familiar with the “Dinner with Doc” marketing tool. Narrow the niche and rework the paramaters.

7. Post Facebook Ads to Tailored Audiences

You can tailor your facebook ad audiences to specific areas of interest and demographics.

8. Create and Distribute Blog Content Related to Pregnancies

9. Guest Blog Post on an OBGYN Website in your area

10. Connect + Comment on Instagram Pregnanc-Related Accounts

11. Buy and Setup URL’s for Landing Pages /Content with Targeted Keywords

12. Set Up a Mommy to Be or Prenatal Parents Facebook Group

13. Connect + Comment on Facebook Pregnancy-Related Accounts

14. Set Up a Prenatal Chiropractic Podcast

15. Connect + Comment on Facebook Pregnancy-Related Accounts

16. Co-Host a Seminar with an OBGYN

17. Run Linkedin Ad Campaigns Targeted at OBGYN and Family Physician

18. Purchase an OBGYN retargeting/email list to run Retargeting Ad’s on Facebook/Google

19. Run a Pregnancy-Related Giveaway on Social Media

20. Set Up Google Adwords on Pregnancy-Related Keyword

Mentor Up with Experts in this Topic

  1. Lisa Engle, OptiMOM Coaching February 22, 2016

    I’ll add that an alliance with other DC’s can be helpful. I watch many in my community share the load of education the community about the need for care. When it’s a common and “normalized” language, it’ll be better received. Also, network with doulas…THEY have voices and desire to use them. Be their DC and serve them well and they will represent you in the birth arena. Great piece. I’m passionate that we have healthy moms raising healthy babies and I’ve convicted in the fact that part of that healthy lifestyle includes chiropractic.

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