April 6, 2016

Time Magazine Answers If Chiropractors are Legitimate

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success

American Chiropractic Association Shares Time Web Article – But does it truly represent or help Chiropractic?

The Title of Article :You Asked: Are Chiropractors Legitimate?

Second Headline: “For back or neck pain, probably. But watch out for those who oversell their abilities.”

Well, duh…but the same should be said for Dentists, Cosmetic Surgeons, and Oncologists

The good:

“The benefits of chiropractic for acute low back pain have been pretty widely accepted for years now within the medical community,” says Dr. Ronald Glick, assistant professor of psychiatry, physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and coauthor of several of Schneider’s research papers. “When I started in practice over 30 years ago, people would look askance at a physician who recommended chiropractic, but that’s not the case anymore,” he adds.

The WTF?

This “failure to present a unified front” is the biggest problem facing chiropractors today, says Dr. Scott Haldeman, a neurologist and chiropractor who teaches at both UCLA and UC Irvine. “You could walk into a chiropractor’s office and find someone who is a pure back-and-neck-pain guy—a guy who has embraced the scientific research—or someone who says he can cure all things and provide general wellness,” Haldeman explains.

The Yay!

“Chiropractors tend to have very high patient satisfaction rates,” Schneider says. “And from a public health perspective, we’d see a lot fewer unnecessary tests and hospitalizations and opioid prescriptions if people visited chiropractors for their back and neck pain.”

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