February 15, 2016

Time for Chiropractic Success

By Dr. Dan Golden In Practice Management

No one would ever doubt it is always time for success or greater success.  The title of this article, however; is not as it seems.  What it really means is how to use time for greater success. 

There are two problems common to every practice (1) mismanagement of time and (2) lack of patient compliance.  Most offices have no idea how importance the role of of time management is.  The overall success of any office is greatly dependent on how its time is utilized.

All offices are different yet the same.  Different in the amount of time necessary to perform certain tasks; the same in that “X” amount of time is required for new patient intake, consultation, examination and performing diagnostic profiles as well as subsequent treatment. 

Whether an office function in a very chaotic manner like the proverbial dog chasing it’s tail or like a well oiled machine is determined by time management. The objective is to plan each day, know how to use time to the advantage and enhanced success of the entire office.

The most successful offices have NP goals as well as total PV goals for each day.  Specific times are established for NP processing, re-exam and re-evaluations.  Nothing else should be done at those times.  If no NP or Re-exams the time can be used for other office functions. 

Most offices are really busy in the morning and mid afternoon until closing.  Seem to be not quite as busy late morning and early afternoon.  Slower times should be set aside for NP’s and Re-exam’s.  Assume NP processing takes an hour and the goal is 2 NP/day.  Have a time late morning (say 11:00-noon) and early afternoon (1:00-2:00) NP’s.  Can also schedule 2 re-exams in those same time as one NP if no NP scheduled.  The exception is emergencies.  Emergency cases have the highest priority in the office even if it interrupts the rest of the days scheduling.