February 17, 2016

Those Two Dreaded Questions a Chiropractor May Face?

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Chiropractic Technology, Practice Management


Two questions common to every practice regardless of size of length of time established are:

1.  Do I have to be x-rayed?

2.  How much do you charge?

Some doctors will establish policies based on somewhat of a “take it or leave it” attitude when it comes to these questions.  While these two questions usually come from potential patients the objective is to have them become a patient.  Understand potential patients are really no different than you and your staff.  Before they commit to spending money they want to know your office policy.  They also want to know if your care will fit into their budget.  While possibly dreaded, every Chiropractic office should understand one or both of these questions are to be anticipated.   They are to be answered in a way the patient understands without being offended or run off before they run in.


Understand this is not a question….it is a statement.  They don’t see the need for x-rays.  If x-rays are a requirement to be a patient they will go somewhere else.  Your policy may to x-ray all new patients and that’s perfectly fine.  If, however;  that policy is conveyed to this individual they will likely not make an appointment.  Even if this is office policy a suggested answer is “I certainly hope not…..we only do that in serious cases.”  This message provides an opportunity to turn the caller into a patient. 


This potential patient is telling you they are concerned about money.  They are “shopping” for a Chiropractor. If your fees fit the figure they feel is appropriate for Chiropractic care they will likely make an appointment.  If not they will continue shopping.

Again, the objective is to get them in the office, not run them off before you have the opportunity to show them the value and necessity of the services you render.  One answer may be “there is no charge for the consultation of the first visit.”  Another may be “it all depends on what the doctor does…we won’t do anything until we tell you exactly what it cost.” 

One should never lose sight of the fact patients see things/themselves as THEY are not necessarily as the situations REALLY are.  It is the successful Chiropractor who accepts the patient where THEY are understanding patients are really no different than themselves.

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  1. Rick February 26, 2016

    Excellent info.