March 19, 2016

This Kid’s Response Regarding The Vaccine Mandate Is Epic

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture, News

From the pen of babes right?


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ChiroKid Alec Griffin just dropped some knowledge

The son of Chiropractic’s rising star and ChiroSushi Summit Featured Presenter Dr. Carolyn Griffin (who’s Revivify Program you have to check out) was tasked with a school assignment to write an argumentative essay about whether vaccinations should be mandated or not.

After reading this we might want to start prepping this kid for being the first Chiropractor/President in the history of the United States.

(and yes…we imagined Ron Swanson reading this for ours and your entertainment)

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The United States revolves around choice. The United States of America was founded on the belief that people have free will. People have the right to say what they would like to say, believe what they would like to believe, and live how they would like to live. Vaccines are made with the intent to help people, but they do not help everybody, thus comes conflict. First World countries have essentially eradicated a disease that was abundant just a couple hundred years ago, one of these countries is the U.S. In the United States people take pride in their freedom and over time has tried not to initiate forceful actions based on opinion to others: lastly; is forceful actions can prove harmful to others, even

In the United States people take pride in their freedom and over time has tried not to initiate forceful actions based on opinion to others; lastly, these forceful actions can prove harmful to others, lethal.


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First World countries, such as the United States, has over time, reduced the rates of death and disease tremendously. A recent study by the American Medical Association was published in an article stating that “in 2006 there were 55 cases of measles and no deaths.” That is a shockingly low number of cases, and incredibly, in 2006, not a single soul was lost to the measles virus. An article by Ronald Bailey explains “In rich countries, few children die of rotavirus diarrhea disease.”

So why are people in third world countries dropping like flies to disease and in First World countries in the case the United States not having a single death?

The answer is simple improved living conditions better nutrition, sanitary sewage disposal, clean water and less crowded living conditions. Put all these factors together and something amazing happens. The person obtains a functional, efficient and sufficient immune system.

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Most Americans they will start with prescription drugs, and pop an Advil or two and chug some cough drops like they are candy. Many will disagree but this thought process is wrong . Advil does not cure headaches, it masks the pain. The effect is eliminated but the cause remains. Yes, the pain subsides but what is the source of the problem? Stress or dehydration? Why not kick your feet up and drink some water, literally that’s all it takes. Let the body heal itself, that’s what it’s made for. So maybe the reason Americans live with less disease is not from overloading on 71 different vaccinations but instead is because Americans have better living conditions

So maybe the reason Americans live with less disease is not from overloading on 71 different vaccinations but instead because Americans have better-living conditions thus healthy immune systems, and therefore have eradicated the disease naturally.


Many are against the woman’s decision to have an abortion, although it is ultimately her choice and it is legal. The fact of the matter is, vaccines are no different than anything else and should forever be a choice. No person should initiate force against another. As Americans, people have the right to vote and shoes and nothing should be forced. There is no way to determine with certainty that the person who opted out of the vaccination will ever be responsible for disease transmission.

Most Americans who receive vaccinations will not even come into contact with a disease anyway, and it’s impossible to know if any particular person would spread disease, so it is not technically endangering anybody else. A perfect way to explain this is any mass immunization program that uses compulsion rather than persuasion will, on balance, do more harm to the well-being of a free people than any good it was intended to convey.


It is widely known that it is a crime to inflict harm on another person but despite this, the  vaccine companies continue to hurt many more families every year. In 1986, the national vaccine injury Act was passed and people who feel they have been harmed by vaccines were no longer able to take the companies supplying vaccines to court.

Once relieved of all liability, the amount of vaccinations brought to the market increased dramatically. Who wouldn’t love a business model with a captive market, no liability concerns, free advertising and promotion by government agencies and a free enforcement mechanism from local schools?

It is truly a drug company’s dream come true. It is pretty clear that once vaccine manufacturers realized they could no longer be taking the court, they took advantage and started pumping out more and more vaccines.



Now, the idea of vaccines is pretty, the problem comes greed. Manufacturers for vaccines realize that they would make much less money if they had to make each and every vaccine fresh So these same manufacturers add preservatives to the vaccines to make them last longer on the shelf and more money could be made. These preservatives contain mercury and formaldehyde and are extremely dangerous to the human body and have been proven lethal. vaccine manufacturers to date have paid 2.6 billion dollars in compensation for vaccine injuries. Holy crap that is a ton of compensation. If these vaccines are so potentially dangerous why should they even be considered to be mandated? If an American citizen decides for themselves that the risk factor for them to get a back seat is too high, or maybe goes against their religion, and it is in their constitutional right to have the choice to decide against it. It should be a choice.


With better living conditions and better immune systems, the need for vaccines is lower than ever. foreseen actions of another person are wrong and should be considered criminal. Vaccines have a risk factor to them and have proved harmful to more than a few people, therefore it should be a person’s choice if they decide to get one. The United States was built on a belief in choice and this controversy over vaccines is no different and should undeniably be a choice if there is even the slightest risk of harm to a person whatever possibly causing such harm should not be mandated and should not be forced on a person, especially not a law-abiding citizen


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