May 19, 2016

This 15 Year Old Learned This Amazingly Powerful Jim Parker Principle

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

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Yesterday in our ChiroSushi Facebook Group a DC posted:

“Love is the magic bullet of healing. I can optimize my Mission, Talent, and Destiny (MTD) and attract the “naturally right” patients, people, places, things, events, and situations for me when I love each person as a mother, father, brother, sister, or child.”

Parker Principle. It says it all.

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Dr. James William Parker, founder of Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, and the Parker Chiropractic Resource Foundation in Forth Worth

I had the good fortune of attending the CA program at a Parker Seminar with my mom, Dr. Ruth N. Schaub. It was at this (my first of hundreds) Parker Seminar where I met the famed Personal Injury Attorney, Melvin Belli, who spoke at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Dallas that life changing weekend when I decided to dedicate my life to chiropractic.

Melvin Belli, an impresario of a lawyer who pioneered new techniques and massive settlements in personal injury cases.

I turned that Principle into my mantra which I repeated to myself each and every time right before I entered my consultation room to meet a New Patient. I knew that it wasn’t nearly as necessary to like every New Patient that came to me but that it was important that I demonstrated love for them.

Those few moments before having the one and only opportunity to make a good first impression with a New Patient were ritualized in my mind and soul.

I’d ultimately reviewed their Patient Confidential Case History (notice in my offices we did not refer to it as a “form” or as their “paperwork” because almost nobody likes forms or paperwork) so that I could see not only what their main complaint was, but also, which one of my patients referred them to me, what their secondary complaints or symptoms were, what their family history was and what line of work they were in as it may be indicative of their possible spinal level of subluxation I might find later when performing my exam.

I’d then close their file up and never look at it again until I was done conversing with that important soul in front of me.

I position the file underneath my left arm while outside the consultation room, (so that my hands who be free to lean forward, look the patient in their eyes and give them a two-handed handshake while introducing myself to them and being able to immediately bond with them without interruption. I’d then place the closed file down on my desk and open my two ears wide, so they knew they were being heard.

ChiroSushi Summit

But before I’d take those physical action steps in the consultation room I’d first over prepare mentally outside the room by performing the following ritual:

Get myself focused into present time consciousness (PTC) by closing my eyes, pressing a delete button in my brain so that every little thing that may be upsetting or bothering me either personally or professionally was instantaneously gone.

Then I’d repeat to myself the following statement quietly in my head:

“I’m going to treat Mr./Mrs./Ms. ______ like he/she is my mother, father, sister, brother, child, or absolutely very best friend and the way I’d want to be treated if I knew absolutely nothing about chiropractic and the way I’d want to be treated if I’d never been to a chiropractor before.”

It is truly indescribable how invaluable this ritual was to the building of close professional and personal relationships with the tens of thousands of patients I’ve had the good blessing of being able to help.

Do this one procedure with your patients and let me know how it changes your practice. I guarantee it will be felt by your New Patient and by you!

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