November 27, 2016

How Chiropractors Can Get That Sauce Flowing Like a Boss

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management, Sermons

And how not to overdose on IT at the same time…

The #1 Way to Get Your Sauce Flowing? It’s Right Here!

So we came across this quote from Gucci Mane and it just resonated with us so much.

So what the heck is “The Sauce?”

We think of it as an amalgamation of certain qualities:

Talent + Hustle + Confidence = The Sauce

Ready to take some steps to get that Sauce flowing? Let’s go.

Talk to Strangers

Expand your business network. You can’t network like a BOSS if the only people you ever talk to are your mom and your CA. While the prospect of talking to someone you don’t know might seem terrifying, getting over this fear can be the difference between seeing the same 15 patients a day or building your dream practice. If you can get in the habit of talking to strangers on a daily basis, you’ll be surprised how many new patient possibilities there are and you keep your ChiroTalk game on point.

Increase your social skills. If you wish to build the practice of your dreams, you need to hone your social skills. This doesn’t mean you have to be the Chiropractor that works the room like an ambulance chaser. You’ll probably just irritate people if you do that. But let’s face it, most success in life, whether it’s in business or romance, depends on our ability to interact with other people. Just like any other talent, our ability to communicate with others improves the more we practice. Talking with strangers on a daily basis, provides you ample opportunity to fine tune and hone your social skills.

Learn new things. Talking strangers forces you to connect with people that aren’t like you. Therefore, your views on the world will expand.

Boost your confidence. There’s something about talking with strangers that boosts confidence. Maybe it’s the rush to your nervous system of doing something that makes you a bit uncomfortable. If you’re looking for a way to increase your ChiroConfidence, start talking to strangers on a regular basis.



We totally stole this idea from AppSumo creator and founder Noah Kagen

“We have a thing called the Coffee Challenge,” Kagan tells James Altucher in a recent podcast. “You have to ask for 10% off at a coffee store. Any coffee store. Get a muffin, ask for 10% off. Most people will make an excuse. ‘Oh, I’ve already done sales for five years.’ ‘Oh, I’m not afraid of doing that.’ ‘Oh, I don’t need a discount, I have money.’ But if you go ahead and ask for 10% off coffee, I guarantee  that you will learn something about yourself that will surprise you.”

He came up with something called the “Stranger Challenge” and the “Coffee Challenge.” Both are designed to help the challengers learn more about themselves and grow.

The Stranger Challenge is a series of “failure games” that encourage people to do things they normally they wouldn’t, such as high-five or take a photo with a random person on the street.

The Coffee Challenge is one of Kagan’s favorite Stranger Challenges. It encourages people to walk into a coffee shop and ask for 10% off their purchase and wait for a reaction.

Another challenge he suggests everyone do at least once is to sit in the wrong seat at an event or on an airplane. Not to be a jerk, but to test yourself and overcome fear.

Program Your Affirmations, Positivity, and Kudos

This is such a great hack.

Take your smartphone and set reminders to share positive feedback, affirmations and words of encouragement.

Fall in love with the words and make sure they align with your goal. Set up these reminders to go off 1-3 times a day.

Bottom Line:  Don’t Just Schedule Your Life Schedule Your Vision.

Get Business Time Going

The ChiroSushi Summit might be about the other “Business Time” but it’s important you get the “Business Time” going in the sheets as well. Hell, you might get both in Vegas!

There’s a saying that sex is like food, it’s only a big deal when you’re not getting enough of it.

We shouldn’t have to explain why sex helps so much, but we’ll just remind you #JustDoIt

Get a Mentor Who Doesn’t Put Up With Your S**T

One of fastest ways to success and to keep the ego in check is to get a mentor or thought leader you trust and admire who also doesn’t kiss your ass.

I’ve had three in my life. My father, and two elders in two of my last startups. One who would echo back the words coming out of my mouth and remind me how they are connected with our purpose.

The other one who kicked my butt mentally by challenging me to think smarter and not work harder.

You have to accept praise but never totally believe it. Also your victories are short lived and expect others to care more than you should or do. Or maybe a picture says a thousand words:

Give, Give, Give

“Take on a pro-bono client. Nothing like doing some good to up your game. Not only will you feel good, but people notice people who volunteer for good things. You’ll wind up helping a ton of people, and as important, your name will get out there to people who matter even more so. Game: Upped.”  – Peter Shankman


Give and you shall receive, right?

Another great way to boost confidence is to GIVE compliments. Let others know all the time how much you appreciate them and the love/work/role they provide. Keep a gratitude journal to remind you of those you value and think of ways to impart your love on them.

Read leadership books.

Don’t take for granted the knowledge well-experienced entrepreneurs are willing to share. Reading about the past experiences CEOs and executives have encountered in their careers can elevate your awareness of certain issues that may arise within your company and how you can handle them professionally. Having this valuable information in print will be a great resource to use in the future.

Right now I’m reading Choose Yourself by James Altchuer 

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