February 12, 2016

The Real Power of Chiropractic

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

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Seems the magnificence of medicine inundates the air waves.  Everything from the never ending soap opera “General Hospital” to the mega drama of “Code Black.”   The reason prime time and all time is filled with medical shows is proof in and of itself the public really enjoys such shows.  There is a certain magnetic mystification surrounding problems with the human body and the miracle workers in the green scrubs and white coats. 

For some reason few, if any, television or radio shows reference Chiropractic.  Could be the  Science, Philosophy and Art of Chiropractic isn’t mysterious enough, isn’t dramatic enough.  Doesn’t have the EKG leads crossing the body, the IV’s of saline solution and dextrose dripping in the veins of the arm and tubes stuck in every possible orifice.  There certainly is not the massive operating lights, personnel wearing rubber gloves, protective masks and blood stained aprons.  How then can Chiropractic be so powerful? How is it the profession has grown from one man, one patient in one town to over 60,000 practitioners treating millions of patients a year in countries around the globe.  Quite simply Chiropractic, in its application is extremely powerful.

Sadly some Chiropractors cannot grasp the power of Chiropractic.  Sadly some Chiropractors would feel more comfortable in the medical arena portrayed on television and in the movies.  Since the Chiropractic adjustment  does not the elicit the same response as seeing a patient being intubated, injected, and lacerated it just doesn’t seem all that significant.  Here, however; is a very simple test and proof positive of just how powerful Chiropractic is.

If it were possible have two individuals with the same exact disease process.  Give one to a medical practitioner the other to a Chiropractor to treat.  From the medical doctor we shall remove syringes, knives, pills, potions, EKG, EEG, MRI, etal.  From the Chiropractor we shall remove the x-ray machine, adjusting table, adjusting instruments, ultrasound, diathermy, hydrocollator, neurocalometer, etal.  The question is which of these doctors has the better likelihood of removing the cause of the patients condition?

The reasons the Chiropractor shall have the upper hand in this hypothesis is two fold: (1) He/she has faith, confidence and belief in the his/her product, services and ideas.  In other words faith, confidence and belief in the the ability of the Chiropractic adjustment to reduce and/or remove the vertebral subluxation restoring neurological integrity to the body which can/will health itself and (2) Chiropractic works…..it gets results and that’s all that matters.


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