February 12, 2016

The one thing every Chiropractor should be doing for their practice

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success

Get Excited!

It is far better to build your practice from the inside out as opposed to the outside in.  In other words using what you have, what you know you have and letting others know what you have instead of relying on advertising, gimmicks, gadgets and gizzmos to attract patients to your office. 

Building a practice from within starts with you.  You have to get excited about your work.  You must share that excitement with your staff, your patients, your friends…..everyone!  So, how do you get excited about your work?  Just look around, see and share how lives have been changed because of you.

Have you ever had a patient come to you with migraine headaches who has been to this medical doctor, that medical doctor?  Has tried this medication and that?  Comes to you as a last resort?  Low and behold you adjust that patient once, twice a few times and the migraine headaches are gone.  Did you expect that to happen?  Of course you did. 

Have you ever had a parent bring their child to you who is a chronic bed-wetter?  You adjust this child once, twice, a few times.  Low and behold the child no longer wets the bed.

Then you have the patient who has tried everything else consult you to help them with asthma.  You adjust them once, twice a few times.  Low and behold the asthma is gone.

Your phone rings…. “doctor, my husband has myasthenia gravis.  I’ve been told Chiropractic might help, would you accept him as a patient.  You do the consultation, examination and offer a report of findings.  You begin adjusting this patient who can hardly take a few steps without becoming so weak he must sit down.  His muscles are so weakened by this “no cause/no cure” disease he has fashioned pipe cleaners for his eye glasses to hold his eyelids open.  Knowing what you know about the nervous system, subluxations the devastating affect nerve interference can have on the body you accept this case.  Within a few weeks you get a report this patient is now walking 3 miles a day.  He is, for all practical purposes, living a normal life.

    While you may get somewhat excited about these cases chances are you really did expect the results you have seen.  You, each and every day, perform miracles no other reasonable, rational group of health care providers would dare even dream of.  Do you get excited?  Maybe a little but not too much because you expected nothing less.

    What you do every day is something to get excited about.  You need to share that excitement.  Pick a “case of the week” to share with your patients.  Instead of talking about the weather, hunting, fishing, say “hey, did I tell you about this 21 year old lady who came to me with asthma?  She had tried everything before coming to me.  After the first adjustment she was able to breathe better without her medications.  Bet you never knew Chiropractors could help people with asthma did you?  Bet you know someone who is suffering just like this patient.  You need to do them a favor and tell them about our office.” 

     As a Chiropractor you do things no one else can do.  You need to get excited about what you do and share that excitement with everyone you know.

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