February 7, 2019

The Essential eX Factor: Mindset

By chirosushi In Marketing

This is a repurposed article from SummerCamp Guest Keynote Jay Abraham – Learn Live from Jay from the upcoming SummerCamp in Miami

I realized that in virtually every successful business I studied, the following high velocity and high leverage mindset was always present:

• People setting and achieving their own lofty goals and living their dreams. The successful people I have studied did what they wanted — the way they wanted to do it! They didn’t hold back. Nor did they follow the status quo. Besides marching to the beat of their own drummer, these fabulously successful men and women played business by their own rules. They reinvested the game and made all their competitors follow their lead. In the process, many achieved substantial wealth. Others preferred scaling back their stress and ordering their lifestyles to achieve a state of total mental well being. But whether making more money or freeing up more quality time was their goal — all of the people I studied had the ability to form a clear vision of what was possible and pursue that vision unhedgingly! I learned how they did it. And I’ve incorporated their secrets into my eX! Factor process.

But living your dreams and setting goals is only the beginning…

  • Everyone I studied learned how to easily and effectively overcome obstacles. These obstacles included competitive challenges, financial setbacks, health problems, family problems, cash flow difficulties, sales weaknesses, ignorance of advertising or marketing, lack of education, etc. Yet, they all managed to triumph over their obstacles through a common philosophy I’ve managed to learn and master.

Turning negatives into positives. The super achievers I’ve studied did one thing better than anyone else they competed against. They took lemons and made lemonade — reframing every problem or disappointment they faced into a solution or opportunity for greater success.

• Persistence. Everyone falls off the horse. But few people get back up and go on to win a blue ribbon. The people I’ve studied got right back up, dusted themselves off, and tried again and again until they succeeded. The people that do this succeed — and succeed massively. Their secret is a fascinating mindset a mindset that is forged in a belief that a vision is real and deserved. The people found the best way to realize their vision and circumvented every obstacle in their path.

• Ethics. The people I’ve studied have the highest ethical standards of anyone I’ve been exposed to. They took firm stands on what they believed in and did what was right. They didn’t compromise, they didn’t sell out…they didn’t lower their standards. They had the utmost of respect and reverence for the value and the contribution they made to their marketplace. They weren’t cocky or arrogant or brash. But they were super-confident in their beliefs. Many of these people became very successful and felt good about the way they got there!

Taking the “high road” and operating in an ethical way intimidates competitors. It attracts the highest quality of employees, vendors, and professionals and it serves like a magnet to bond you to the community or the industry you operate in. And it lets you sleep like a baby at night.

• Belief and commitment. Persistence does not work without a clear, strong belief in your unalienable right to have the goal achieved and your market served. Having the privilege to study the highest-achieving business successes in the entrepreneurial world, I asked probing questions and evaluated and dissected their mindset and operating philosophies. I know how they formed their beliefs, what their organizing principles and most important personal distinctions are, and how they wielded such forceful commitment.

• Focus and Unstoppable Drive. Persistence, belief and commitment are all essential to success. Yet, without clear focus and unstoppable drive, you’ll only accomplish a fraction of your true potential.

Focus is the ability to never let diversions get in your way. It’s the ability to cut to the “bottom line essence” in everything you do. Drive is the force field you generate in your mind and enterprise that lets nothing, no one and no excuse stand between you and achieving your goal.

And time doesn’t hold you back, either. Because when your drive mechanism is properly engaged, you accomplish more in a day than your competitors can achieve in a month. Seriously, 30-or 50 to 1 improvement in productive achievement is not at all uncommon once you learn the art of concentrated focus… eX! Factor-style.

Risk Taking. Super-successful entrepreneurs know when and where to take astute risks. They know how to take them for maximum yield but minimum down side. Most average business owners and professionals are afraid to take risks. They see them as dangerous speculations. But the super-achieving entrepreneurs I studied know that calculated risks have controllable downside — but limited upside potential. They recognize that unless you do things differently, better and more effectively, you can’t produce the breakthrough results you’re after.

Going From Fearful to Fearless

• Fearlessness. The sky will not fall. The world’s not collapsing. You won’t go broke or look stupid. Quite the opposite is the case once you master the eX! Factor process. Doom and failure only go to those who stay stuck in the status quo. You’ll grown and prosper when you turn fearintofearlessness. Imagine never fearing an economic downturn, or your competitors, or making payroll ever again. Imagine always having total certainty that you’ll do just fine, because you’ve gained total, absolute control of your business fate and fortune, and can order it exactly the way you want it to be, exactly when you want it to occur!

Learning From Others’ Mistakes. Why make any more of your own mistakes when there’s a powerful, infallible method you can use to tap into the successful experiences of thousands of prosperous business minds? You can learn every major mistake they have already made and exactly how to avoid them — and the lessons they learned from making them. You can learn the key profit lessons they’ve gotten from these experiences, and you can learn the biggest opportunities these bright minds have discovered from all they have experienced.

The eX! Factor process plugs you into the ultimate imaginable brain trust and think tank. It also shows you how to get every question that you have accurately answered. Every problem solved. Every challenge overcome, and every opportunity fully capitalized upon — by tapping into the successful experiences and lessons learned by all the bright minds around you.

• Daily Motivation. The inspiration to super-achieve. Someone to mentor and coach you until you become the expert business builder you will become.

All the knowledge, the change of mindset and a dear path to super success aren’t enough to get you there. You need one or more dedicated people to believe in you, guide you and encourage you. You need someone knowledgeable and authoritative to push, pull, prod, inspire, compel, propel and cajole you to super success at the levels you and your enterprise are capable of achieving. 

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