December 30, 2016

The ChiroSushi Easy Breezy Video 2017 Video Recipe

By chirosushi In Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Finding success with video doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or difficult.

Here is a simple recipe for success for the average Chiropractor in 2017.

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Yield: 1 Facebook Live Video a month, 1 Patient Story Video a Week


A positive attitude

1 willing, able and happy patient

1 idea a month (for Facebook Live)

Smartphone with camera

Facebook business page, Youtube page for your practice, Website (preferably WordPress).

Ad spend (optional)

Directions for weekly patient story

  1. Once a week take a look at your schedule, gameplan and choose three to four different patients to ask to share their experience with your practice, with Chiropractic and their outcomes. The reason we suggest asking 3-4 patients is because 50% of your patients might be camera shy and decline because of that reason. That’s perfectly fine. Ask those patients if they wouldn’t mind leaving a review for you on Google, Facebook and/or Yelp.
  2. Ask those patients if they wouldn’t mind helping others in their situation to learn more by sharing that info above on video.
  3. Shoot the video with you and the patient. We’ve found that the most engaging videos feature the doctor and the patient sharing the patient’s story together.
  4. Upload the video to Facebook and Youtube
  5. Optimize the video for social (Facebook) and search (Youtube)
  6. Take embed code from Youtube and paste into a blog post for your website.
  7. Optimize blog post with copy, tags and keywords.
  8. Share

The idea behind this strategy is to make it very easy and provide a versatile, functional and effective approach to letting video spread your word of mouth and expertise.

When sharing the Facebook video your goal should be branding, social proof, and exposure. Don’t be afraid to put some money into ad-spend on Facebook either through a boosted post or you could get more granular with the backend of Facebook’s advertising platform.

The goal of the same video on Youtube is to help with SEO and your reputation on your name. Optimize the video on Youtube with your location, name, specialty and any other keywords you deem relevant. Double dip with the same video for a blog article with the video embedded into your website.

That one patient share story could now be used for a week’s worth of social media content on a variety of different channels.

For example;

Let’s say we have a video with Joanne who came to you for allergy problems.

We share Joanne’s story on Facebook video on Monday.

On Wednesday you share a blog post (with the embedded video) about Chiropractic care and allergies on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You could even utilize that article in an email campaign.

On Saturday you post: “In case you missed it” with a brief blurb and the Youtube link on your social media channels

At this point, you are handling your SEO, Reputation, Branding and Social Media with very little output and bandwidth! 

Directions for a monthly Facebook Live Video

This takes a little more brainpower and creativity

  1. Once a month plan a 15-20 min Facebook Live video topic. Use ideas such as a health talk, month in review of patient cases, live Q & A with your community and more personal getting to know the practice, team members, and doctors.
  2. Give reminders through email, social channels and your website of the upcoming Facebook Live.
  3. Perform the Facebook Live
  4.  The real secret sauce of Facebook Live is the push notification Facebook will provide to your followers alerting them of your Live video. After the video has ended you can reshare, boost with ad spend and/or repurpose the video like the patient stories above.
  5. Take the video from Facebook live and upload that to Youtube and apply in a blog article.
  6. Commit. Repeat

It’s all going to come down to a commitment from you and your practice. Don’t stop after just a few attempts. It takes practice and consistency.

We also recommend following industry leaders and experts who are doing it right like Dr. Jeff Langmaid over at The Evidence Based Chiropractor and Dr. Josh Wagner over at The Perfect Patient Funnel  and who can guide you in the right direction like Dr. Shawn Andrews at The Inspired Chiropractor or Nicole Cowley from Vitalogics and ChiroSocialTech








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