September 29, 2016

#TBT: The Development of Your Master Success Plan

By Dr. Timothy Schaub In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management, Sermons

In our previous articles, we’ve discussed the importance of managing your time well and clearly defining your definite major purpose . We hope you’ve already clearly defined your definite purpose in life and in your office, and we now move on to discuss your plan of action .

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A written plan of action or a master plan is the critical path you will follow to manifest your previously defined worthwhile goals and objectives. That is your master plan should be aligned with your purpose, and is important to your success. Success is defined by many as the progressive realization of predetermined worthwhile goals and objectives stabilized by balance. A “success plan” is important, because with a well-thought-out and well-crystallized plan no one will ever be able to stop you. This is also vital because no one can work at a high level of productivity with a low level of planning. Planning keeps you balanced.


A plan keeps you focused; and if well thought out so that important tasks and objectives are scheduled sensibly, keep you from burning out by maintaining your time and high-priority tasks and objectives at the appropriate time. If you plan your work and work your plan you won’t be expending needless energy, time, resources or money on one project only to allow it to sit dormant before its time, while you’re going off doing a “catch up”, sloppy job on another task because it’s really “too late” to complete it properly.

A master plan should be based on your philosophy and be parallel with your purpose . It should also include short, medium and long-range goals and objectives. Outline the smaller steps in chronological order as to date and priority as to when the steps are to be started and completed. You would also benefit by listing financial requirements, people and other resources or other information needed to see the steps to materialize. Much like an architect’s beautiful detail blueprint, or a road map for a cross-country journey, a master success plan is an indispensable tool every truly successful professional follows. Remember no matter how much you’ve worked out a plan you can always rework it and always fine-tune it to make it a better plan.

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