May 21, 2018

How The Tables Have Turned – Yelp CEO Cries to 60 Minutes About Google

By chirosushi In Social Media Marketing

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That whole Karma thing…

Last night on CBS, 60 Minutes aired a segment called “The Real Power of Google” which looked at anti-trust claims against Google from anti-competition experts and, of all companies, Yelp.

Jeremy Stoppelman, co-founder of Yelp, featured prominently in the piece, arguing that Google intentionally positions their own services like Maps and YouTube above potentially more relevant results. He also claimed that if you compete with Google or don’t abide by their rules, Google will “snuff you out.” Yelp also released an official statement in support of Stoppelman’s claims.

Yelp and TripAdvisor, which certainly serve to benefit from the coming-to-light of the monopolistic control Google has over search, have launched an initiative and Chrome extension that swaps out Google’s recommendations for curated recommendations from sites that they say provide more value to users. It’s pretty hard to deny that Google’s current results are worse.

You can watch the full episode online at CBS News.

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