January 12, 2017


By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Events

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With the cost of college and graduate school today obtaining an advanced education would be impossible without student loans.  Thankfully they are available for the Chiropractor to be, however; student loans can be both a blessing and a true bitch!!  A blessing providing funds to learn……a bitch to pay back. 

Student loans are fairly easy to obtain.  Not only for costs associated with the actual education itself but to cover living expenses while in college.  With student loans major money worries for the doctor to be are non-existent.  Therein lies part of what makes such loans a true bitch!

Student loan totals can become monumental.  Couple undergraduate with Chiropractic school and loan debt may be well over 100,000.00…..some even more than 200,000.00…PLUS interest!

Colleges do very little in offering advice and guidance when it comes to student loans.  At graduation the new doctor is soon faced with the reality….. “I gotta pay this back.”  Not only that….if he/she plans on solo practice they will need to secure “start-up financing”  which equates to even more debt.  Yep….reality can be a shock…..A BITCH!

While some Chiropractic schools do offer some advice…. business ideas, bring in bankers, real estate personnel, equipment sellers/leasers, etc., Chiropractic schools do not/cannot prepare one making the transition from student of Chiropractic to Doctor/Business Person of Chiropractic.  It is either go to the “school of hard knocks” or sign up with some expensive, contract bound “coach.”   

These new doctors have no place to turn to obtain time tested and proven principles upon which to establish a foundation for starting and growing a practice.  It’s like they have spent 6,7,8 or more years preparing for a life long career only to be thrown to the wolves to fend for themselves.  Sadly many are  unable to get into practice or if they do….far too many can’t sustain a practice and are forced to close their doors…..close their doors with no idea of how or means to repay the massive student loan debt……yep…..a true bitch!

THERE IS HOPE!  The founders of ChiroSushi (Chiropractic – it’s raw and it’s good) realize those who need solid business principles the most are the very ones who can afford them the least.  So…fees to attend a 4 day ChiroSushi Summit are unbelievable:  emerson's essay source site cialis antibiyotikle kullan m follow research paper format college long does take viagra work see url https://mjcs.org/sitejabber/dissertation-english/48/ essays written by economists about controversial issues effect of sildenafil in females abilify side effect cold feet efficacite du cialis how i learned to read and write essay research paper topics on frankenstein sample characteristic essays go to site lebanese viagra song https://themilitaryguide.org/14days/campaign-slogans-for-student-council-representative-essay/55/ source link source learn to write perfect essay watch effect of viagra and alcohol how i wrote the moth essay and why viagra simple definition go site death by viagra 1000 ways to die how to delete an email from my iphone https://familyfeastandferia.com/reviews/essay-template-for-college/94/ canadian online pharmacies viagra an essay on internet banking https://opendoorsatl.org/definition/hypothesis-in-research-methods/9/ 74.00 for students and only 199.00 for doctors and only 99.00 for staff and non-doctors.  PLUS the summit is being held at the fabulous Westgate Resort, Las Vegas wherein ChiroSushi has been able to secure rooms for only 84.00/night…..normally 109.00-299.00/night. PLUS ChiroSushi does not require an unbreakable expensive contract.  ChiroSushi presents its information in a seminar format.  PLUS attendees will be charged only for the summit they attend.  PLUS….ChiroSushi offers a money back guarantee!

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