February 13, 2016

Dear Chiropractor: Soar Like an Eagle

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

One day a naturalist, as he was walking by a farm, noticed an eagle in the barn yard with a bunch of chickens.  Thinking this was odd he decided to find out what was going on.  He went to the very friendly farmer and asked “why is it an eagle is in the barn yard with your chickens?”  The farmer replied “oh I’ve had this eagle since it was just an eaglet.  It has always been with my chickens.  It’s no longer an eagle.”  “Still” the naturalist said “it has the heart of an eagle and surely can be taught to fly.”  After discussing the matter the two men decided to see if what the naturalist felt was true.

That day the naturalist held the eagle above him commanding “you are an eagle, spread your wings and fly.”  Immediately the eagle jumped down to be with its friends the chickens.

On the second day the naturalist took the eagle to the top of the barn stating “you are an eagle…stretch forth your wings and fly.”  It seemed the eagle was afraid, didn’t quite know what to do.  It, again, jumped down in the barn yard with the chickens and eat the chicken feed. 

Undaunted on the third day the naturalist took the eagle to a high mountain top.  There, in the cold, clear blue sky he held the eagle high above him.  In a very commanding voice he said “you are an eagle….you and the monarch of all birds…..stretch forth your wings and fly.

Slowly, ever so slowly the eagle, trembling, began to spread its wings.  Gaining more confidence in itself the eagle spread its wings and into the wind it flew to soar the heavens.

No doubt the eagle never forgot from whence it came.  Occasionally it would return to the barnyard.  It would fly in, be with its friends the chickens but it never returned to live the life of a chicken again.

Man is really no so much different than that eagle.  All men, all women have occasional fear, lack of self confidence, periods of self doubt.  There are times when they would prefer to choose the safe way, the easy way never expressing their true and full potential.

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