January 13, 2017


By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management

Unfortunately, most people do not know the importance of goals, how to set goals or how to reach goals.  Far too often what they view as a goal is nothing more than a “wish.”  Far too often the goal set is unrealistic and defeated the minute it is set simply because it fails to follow universal laws and fundamental axioms for success.  One such law:  “It Is Impossible To Receive What You Don’t Believe.” 

You attend a seminar, are told how you should verbalize goals, write goals down, refer to and affirm those goals on a frequent regular basis.  Yes…that is true, however; if you sincerely believe that goal impossible….the thought of impossibility will manifest.   “I want to double my practice, double my business, double my income in the next year.”  As soon as said…. you, think “well, that would be nice but no way.”  You are controlled by your “currently dominant” thoughts…..of the two in this case….which is the currently dominant?

The key is to set the goal….have a workable plan or system to make the goal reality.  There are many instances where setting small, believable goals coupled with a specific plan of action will result in very big results.  Example:  I’d like to grow my practice….in all primary areas (number of new practice partners, number of patient visits, amount of services rendered and total income collected)  by 8%…..not 8% per year….8% per month.  An 8% per monthly growth equates to a 96% annual growth or virtually doubling.  Great idea….how is it done?

Add up the figures in all the above-listed areas for the past 6-12 months (the longer the better) and come up with an average.  Take that average and multiply by 8%.  That is the goal for the next month.  Do the same at the start of each month.  Example:  Average new practice members is 20.  20X8%=1.6….goal for the month is 22.  Average patient visits 400.  400X8%=32….goal for the coming month is 432.  To make these goals more realistic break the goal down into weeks…new case average=5 per week….goal=less than one more/week.  Weekly PVA is 100…goal=108 OR if further broken down into daily goals it is slightly more than 1 per day.  Do you think you can see 1 more new practice member per week or possibly treat 2 more patients per day…….OF COURSE YOU CAN.  At the end of 12 months you have easily reached a goal you once immediately canceled out!

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