April 29, 2018

Should I Raise My Prices?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success

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If you’re like most Chiropractors, you don’t annually raise your Chiropractic office visit fees.

Yet, keeping fees set at one rate for too long ultimately results in both increases in your overhead ratio and diminishing profits. Year after year, this can dramatically hurt your bottom line.

We won’t keep you waiting…

The answer is Yes.

When should I raise my fees?

Every year.

It is important to remember that Chiropractors who don’t raise Chiropractic practice fees annually will rarely be able to catch up or make up for lost years of no fee increases. It’s never advisable to have a large fee increase in a single year.

Raise fees  by 3.75% every 12 months.

This allows the office responsibly raise fees, without patients getting upset and it keeps practices growing steadily.

Most patients won’t even know.

Slow and steady wins the race.

Don’t Warn…

Just do.

Set a date, commit and implement the change.

Keep it simple.



Don’t do that.

Just raise your fees.

Extra Tip About Pricing

Remember – Three $20 Bills are easier than one $50 bill

Extra Extra Tip

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