March 23, 2016

Serious? What Chiropractic Patients Think

By Dr. Dan Golden In Chiropractic Success, Practice Management


Through every Chiropractors office comes patients with health conditions of varying severity.  Some are really “non-issues” from the doctors vantage point. Things they have seen and treated successfully hundreds of times.  Some will test the ability of the Chiropractor to his/her academic and technical limits.

The question is…does the patient feel they have a serious problem?  It is essential for the doctor to accept all patients for who they are, where they are and address patient concerns to the best of their ability.  When a patient calls your office they are convinced they have a very serious problem.

For the most part, patients calls because they are experiencing one or more symptoms.  More than likely they have had said symptoms for some period of time….days, weeks maybe even months.  Chances are they have given it time to go away tried home remedies, and etc medications.  After those efforts failed to provide the desired result they called your office.

     Now here we have an individual who has made the decision to take time from their schedule to do something they’d prefer not doing….go to the doctor.  They are making going to be quizzed about someone about some of the most intimate aspects of their life.  They are going to off their clothes, put on a silly gown and have this stranger feel, prod and poke all over their body.  Finally, they are going to spend their hard earned money to go through these procedures.  Why would someone agree to do something like this unless they were convinced they have a serious problem?

     Doctors viewing things as doctors do will conclude this patient (in their definition) has either a serious health problem or one not so serious.  We, as Chiropractors, agree the majority of issues patients consult us for are the result of one or more vertebral subluxation complexes. 

Truth is….and should be conveyed to patients, the vertebral subluxation complex IS a very, very serious health problem.  There is no way the patient will ever be rendered “healthy” so long as the subluxation(s) exists. 

Fact is Chiropractors are the only health care providers in the world trained to understand, recognize, locate, remove or reduce the subluxation complex and its resultant symptoms.

When the patient called they were certain they had a serious problem.  They were correct in their assessment.  As a Chiropractor you are the only person trained to render the cause of their health problem(s) less serious. 

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