November 26, 2016

This Say No To Vaccines Blog Just Raised Some Interesting Points on the Katie May Stroke Issue

By chirosushi In Cause, Malpractice, News

Interesting piece from

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3 Points we found interesting from the post 

The Coroners Report

“You will be hard pressed to find any mention of Katie’s fatal fall during her photo shoot right now, especially since the corrupt LA Coroner’s office issued a statement 7 months after Katie’s death that she died as the result of a Chiropractic Adjustment.”

Athletes and Blows to the Neck

“Hockey players have been known to damage their Carotid arteries by blows to the front of their necks repeatedly in the sports media.  Many are removed from play and watched by hospitals for months until the Carotid arteries heal.”

Big Pharma

“Chiropractic hate-groups (shills for the pharma industry and AMA) have long attempted to prove a direct correlative relationship between Chiropractic neck adjustments and stroke:  They are taking advantage of Katie May’s death here and it is simply disgusting. “

Check out the full post and let us know your thoughts