May 23, 2017

How To Respond To Any Patient Objection

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Success, Communication

People make excuses for not getting care from a chiropractor more than with any other doctor.

It’s frustrating.  I know what it’s felt like too.
But when your patients complain about your fee or recommendations
there’s an approach that works 80%
of the time.
And it’s not aggressive or complicated either.
And I want to share it with you.
So you can help more people and get paid what you’re worth.
Here’s the outline:
Instead of addressing your
patients’ concern or objection directly

(i.e. money, time, their spouse…)

just acknowledge that you
understand this is a concern for them.  
Honestly understand them first.
Don’t educate, defend, or anything else to “solve” their concern.
(this is the HARDEST PART of it all for most DCs)
And only after you do that
immediately focus back on why they are in your office in the first place.
Remember their 3rd essential?
We all have one or more.
What are they really dealing with?

But not just their immediate concern
(“my back hurts”).
Their long-term concern.

What is it that they want next year
when they’re pain-free,
sciatica free,
or a migraine free?

What will their life look like then?
How much better will their life be
and how serious are they about having that?
Very few people will choose:

– A few extra minutes a day

– A few more dollars in their bank account
In exchange to not get what they REALLY want.
Now most PPFS members don’t
really have to deal with this.
Because they attract higher quality new patients and
have such a strong consult that objections come up seldom.

But if you’re having new patients
decline your recommendations
this is an approach you’ve been missing.
It works.

Don’t try to convince, accept barter invites,
make deals or lower your fees.
It’s really about honoring what the person is dealing with
and it’s offering them an opportunity
to get what they truly want.
That’s the difference of the PPFS.
That’s why hundreds of DCs are
transforming their practice experience using it.
And this is a piece of 1 video of the 30+ inside the program.
Make this the best year of your practice
rather than the most frustrating.

Your best years (and patients)
really are waiting for you.

Set up a time to speak with me about getting inside, here.

Here for you 100%,

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