April 8, 2016

Our Reply to Buzzfeed’s “People Get Their Bones Professionally Cracked”

By Tristan Schaub In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success

“That wasn’t ClickBait enough.”

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We kid, we know Buzzfeed doesn’t do click bait, but they are smart with their titles such as the recent video article by Alex Choi about people getting adjusted titled: People Get Their Bones Professionally Cracked


Why did you have to go with “Cracked” dude?

We get it. It gets clicks.

(Alex has also posted such as videos/ articles as 4 People Who Should Have Died But SurvivedProof That Life Is Out Of Your Control and These Are The Tips You Need To Survive Allergy Season)

Chiropractic Needs the Clicks…

This last year the three most viral articles on the keyword of Chiropractic were:

One was a positive “feel good story”, another was a lawyer turned health nut with no DC next to his name telling the public about the spine and of course the third one was, well…a negative bullcrap article.

But they need positive sentiment behind them…or do they?

“Bad news sells! Conveying positive emotions can build positive associations with your brand, but can just as easily disinterest the reader.”

Just look at the thumbnail Buzzfeed used for their video…uggh!

Buzzfeed Thumbnail Chiropractic


A recent study by the Pew Research Center for People & the Press synthesizes 165 separate national surveys and finds that American news preferences have remained “surprisingly static” over the last twenty years. Study author Michael J. Robinson reports, not surprisingly, war and terrorism have consistently ranked at the top of the stack since 1986, where the study begins. So have bad weather, and natural or manmade disaster stories, although the latter stand out for having witnessed a precipitous drop in public interest, one of the rare instances of significant change. In contrast, money news is the only category that has grown notably more popular with time. Crime, health, and politics have consistently ranked as mid-level interest categories. Science and technology, foreign news that is not directly related to the U.S., and tabloid and entertainment news have consistently ranked lowest in the public eye.

If it gets eyeballs and interest, does it matter to Chiropractic?


It’s one thing to get clicks and people viewing, but the problem is when the resulting content is wrong, biased or just stupid.

Let us take a look at the video

Which is now close to 6 million views!

Right from the start w get an amplified “CRACK” and two hipster chicks who use the term “professionally popped” (trying to hold the curse words as we write this!) and haven’t been to a Chiropractor before.

One of the hipster girls proceeds with “As far as I know Chiropractic just jerks you around” and then probably proceeded to a Bernie Sanders rally.

Finally, we get a Chiropractor!

We’re finally introduced to this handsome man, Dr. Mike Mensah

Dr. Mike starts off talking about how people sit in one position for one time while showing what looks like the Buzzfeed office staff all tweaking and twerking in front of their computers.

At least, this makes sense because it’s meeting people where they’re at right now: In Front of a Computer

He also explains the “Cracking” sound (which of course is enhanced) and works on the video team.

But the most beautiful thing happens

They like it.

They REALLY like it.

You can see the difference in their energy, posture and light!

They even speak more intelligently after their adjustment.

Thank You, Buzzfeed

Although we despise and cringe at using “Crack” anywhere with Chiropractic and there is so much more you could tell about getting adjusted – you told a simple story of hipsters getting adjusted and feeling better afterward.

And the amount of reach and exposure you gave Chiropractic was pretty awesome.

Maybe your next article will read:

25 Reasons To Visit Your Chiropractor Right Now

That Be Cool.





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