November 22, 2016

Ready to Give Your Instagram an Adjustment of a Lifetime?

By chirosushi In Chiropractic Pop Culture, Chiropractic Success, Marketing Tools, Social Media Marketing

Oh boy…oh boy…happy happy joy joy


So it’s Black Friday time and our favorite entrepreneur daily deal site AppSumo is having an epic sale and one of the deals is an Instagram Unicorn for the ChiroSushi gang.

But first: Some our favorite toys over the year are featured including:


Create professional looking eBooks in seconds with just one click. We’ve yet to partake with this one but are happily waiting the day and time we do!


Quickly mock up gorgeous graphic design assets with just a few clicks – we love this app and so does the Evidenced Based Chiropractor


Honestly, we tried this one and it has potential but it didn’t light our socks on fire. We think your better off just heading over to ChiroSocialTech

2 Fantastic AppSumo products

SumoMe: Double your website traffic with the best toolkit on earth- 30% off!

KingSumo: Grow your email list by setting up viral giveaways on your site – only $49 LIFETIME (75% off!)

(We use both these products quite a bit. The King Sumo is one our favorites for growing our email list)


But what is that hiding behind the tree…

Haven’t we been looking for this forever…

And we’ve googled forever…but nothing…NOTHING!

How did we miss this deal before!!!

No time to worry about the past, it’s back.

Meet Grum.

Grum lets you manage Instagram for your clients, your business, or your own personal account directly from your desktop!

Main features of Grum (and reasons you need to be using it):

    • Schedule posts directly from your computer for any time in the future.
    • Control multiple Instagram accounts with one sign-in!
    • Give access to VA’s without giving access to your Instagram account. (No more worrying about a disgruntled employee sabotaging your brand.)


And this deal is incredible because it pays for itself in 3 months.

So instead of paying $120/yr, you pay $25, ONCE, and get LIFETIME access!

We’ve been playing around with the 3 day trial for an hour and it’s pretty dope to say the least.

Click here to get the deal!


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